Friday, January 11, 2013

The Daily Grind

The daily grind of running a household can sometimes be just that...a grind.  I really cannot imagine doing anything else besides raising my wonderful children but there is a grind involved in doing it.  The snow is melting and the true "winter" has passed us by for now.  The sledding hill was never used because of lack of snow and the backyard pond is sitting vacant due to the high temperatures.  The hubby has been home sick the past several days, the triplets are pushing my buttons at nap time (don't even think we are giving up how).  We are trying to all find our places in the evenings.  The older kids need a quiet place for completing homework, David has needed his bed to sleep, the triplets need to be entertained to keep them at least at half volume.  I have been doing my best attempting to find as many things as I can to keep at least the triplets out of every ones hair. 

I had a friend over for the triplets and it was the best play date ever.  We did a 3.5hour play date and literally it was one of the easiest mornings ever (not to mention the mom of the play mate got a ton of stuff done and was loving her morning as well).  They played outside (without me).  They had a tea party(without me).  They played house, police officer and worked on stuff (without me).  I was able to do some laundry, pay some bills, sit down and watch some morning TV, drink my coffee etc.  It may be time for some more play dates in the future.

I am really finding that tea parties are a huge hit for all involved.  It is cheap entertainment.  Juice, snacks and some imagination and 45 minutes later we are still talking about how hot our tea is.  Love it.

I have been having issues keeping the triplets in their rooms for naps so each day I have tried to give them so incentive.  Yesterday I told them if everyone stays in their room for naps that we could go to the nature center and feed the deer.  They were all over that and all of them successfully stayed in their rooms and 2 of them even slept.  We packed up some carrots and headed up the road to the local nature center.  I will continue to laugh at this only because growing up in a small town and in the "country" I find nature centers in the metropolitan areas comical.  I think they are great...don't get me wrong but they crack me up only because you have this large area that is all wooded and as you are walking you come up along the edge of a highway and the noise of the traffic is loud.  This place is amazing for kids because they rescued 2 deer 12 years ago and they keep them in a large outdoor caged area.  The deer come running to the edge of the fence when they hear people....scary friendly they are.  There are also several miles of trails that little ones can burn off all kinds of energy.  We go quite often.

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Anonymous said...

I instantly fell in love with your blog, Heather! I thank God for families like yours, because you inspire me to build one of my own, soon (nothing is impossible!^^). I've always wanted to give birth to twins (and triplets: the more, the merrier). In God's perfect time, I do hope this dream comes true. I wish the "twin gene" from my mom's side would help bless me with multiple bundles of joy! While I'm still happily single (no boyfriend since birth, haha), I just strive to be the woman worthy of my future husband and children. May the Lord bless you even more this year. =D *Hugs, V*