Friday, January 4, 2013

The End Of Yet Another Milestone....

Here we were...going on 4 year old triplets and I hadn't gotten rid of pacifiers yet. 

They all love love love their pacifiers so I have been a bit lazy on getting rid of them.  They were only for bedtime or nap and were never allowed out of their rooms but I still wasn't ready to rid the house of them.  Pacifiers provided a welcome calm to bedtime and a great relaxation tool for long naps.  I decided that we had to make the cut and I was getting a little bit embarrassed that I hadn't done it yet.  I decided to start talking about it 2 weeks before Christmas.  Every night when I went to tuck the triplets into bed I talked to them about how they were getting too old for pacifiers and that we were going to wrap up all of the pacifiers and give them to Santa Claus this year and then Santa could pass them out to other kids who didn't have any.  We counted down the days and then on Christmas Eve I had a box that we put all put all of them in and I turned off the lights.  I heard some moaning from Finn for a bit but before I knew it they were asleep.  I was still worried about naps.  Would I lose my long afternoons of productivity because of a simple plastic nipple?   Naps have been shorter but they have been consistent.  We backed them up and shortened them and I guess I can live with it.  The other day I took them up to bed and Finn said, "mom where is my paci?" I said, "Santa took them all...remember"?  he responded with, "oh yeah I forgot" and climbed into bed. 

I know I know ......I really delayed this one but I am one happy mom that we are officially rid of most everything baby in this house.  We have 2 that are done with night time pull ups but one left who needs some practice at holding it all night.  We have another dentist appointment next week and I am sure she will be pleased that the plastic...buck teeth creators are all gone. 

I guess you can officially call me one of those moms.....I have been there..done it enough times to know it was not the end of the world. what is next!

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