Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Little Lady Is 8 Today!

There are certain things in life that you hope for and there are things that you wish for.  I always hoped for a daughter with a quick wit, sense of humor and the ability to handle all sorts of situations.  I was blessed with such a gift, 8 years ago today with a little 8lb 2oz bundle of joy.  We decided to call her Mairin because it's a cool name with an Irish background.  Mairin was listed as the Irish version of Maureen.  My mother's name is Maureen as well as David's mother.  People always called my mom, Mimi and David referred to his mom as Mort.  (David still thinks Mairin is a made up  name but I did read it somewhere and we all seemed to like it).

Mairin is the ultimate middle child with older twin brothers and younger triplet brothers.  She will have lots of protection around her as she grows up.  Mairin is the spark in our family. She is the little mother and is perceptive beyond her years.  She is the only one in our house who has her own bedroom and she is the only one who doesn't have hand me downs.  Mairin can run this household and she can negotiate every little detail from what to wear to how we are going to do her hair.  She is sweet and loving and she can drive her older brothers crazy.  I never worry about Mairin because she is very comfortable in her environment.  She is always up for a party and loves to put together a cool outfit. 

David got up this morning and took Mairin out to breakfast, just the two of them and then dropped her off at school.  I made a cake for the little diva and she picked pizza as her choice for dinner tonight.  Aunt Heidi called her at 7:30am to wish her a happy birthday and she was so excited to take her treat into school today to share.  Today is all about Mairin....Here is to you little lady.  We love you!

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