Friday, February 8, 2013

A Snow Day...Kind Of A Loud One

The best phrase I have ever heard...I heard today.  "Teachers do the happy snow day dance...families cope".  I did a good job of coping today.  In fact I rocked it out.  My kids thought that I was cool today.  Not sure where my energy or mood came from but my little lovelies were blessed with 5 friends, pizza party and cookie decorating.  I made the cookie dough yesterday (with just a hint that school might be closed), rolled it out this morning.  I had help from Finn.  You can always bet that Finn is the one who will stay and insist on helping me in the kitchen.
We started baking by 9:30am and finished up by 11:30.  Lots of multitasking in between.  Doorbell was ringing for play date drop offs, pizza man and the snow plow guy requesting that I move my car so he could clear me out.  Random triplets requesting that I help them with this or that.  Stopping to manage an argument or taking a time out to pop in a movie.  I only burned one tray.
The gang started getting restless for some food by noon so we pulled out all the stops and got a couple pizzas. I made some smoothies and everyone fit around my table with no major messes.   Amazing how good kids eat when they are busy at play for a long period of time and no snacks prior. 
A little bit of food coma took everyone back downstairs for some chill time while we got the cookie decorating details out and ready.  I ended up doing most of the decorating along with Annette but all of the kids helped out.  No licking fingers until you are finished and make sure you wash your hands before you begin.  That is what I remember my grandma (Nanny) always saying to us so of course I repeat it and pass it on. I make these cookies at the various holidays because I remember doing it every year with my mom and my Nanny.  It is a tradition that my kids hopefully will take to their families.  A single recipe of the cookies and a single recipe of the frosting will perfectly frost every cookie and there is never more than a spoonful left.   We never wander from our family recipes and we know what they will taste like.
The last of the play dates were out the door by 3:30 and I even got some chill time on the couch.  I'm not a fan of snow days but this one turned out pretty cool.  I am already nervous for summer break.  I am going to be one exhausted human being.  I couldn't do this day after day after day. 

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