Thursday, February 14, 2013

February At The Mott House

When you have little kids I think that February and March can be very brutal months.  Everyone is couped up at home, kids are bored with the indoor toys and playing in the snow is not nearly as cool as it was in December.  The mitten bin is full of missing mittens and the boots are looking worn with patches of mud from the Michigan weather of Hot..Cold..Hot Cold.  This translates into Snow..Mud..Snow..Mud.  The winter coats not only need a washing but an extra scoop of Oxi Clean in order to bring them back to their original color. 

We have been doing our best to keep busy and creative.  Saturday mornings I usually take Mairin to skiing and drop her off.  This leaves David with all the boys for the morning.  I always make suggestions as to what to do to keep them entertained but he often does his own thing with them.   I was driving home this past Saturday and it was a gorgeous morning.  The sun was shining and it was just one of those cold and quiet mornings.  I turn the corner by our house and a splash of color grabs my eye.  I see David walking down the road with the trips.  Priceless priceless priceless.  David had his cup of coffee and they had done the circle, just walking and talking.

I do feel like it is nearly impossible to tire out the little ones.  I plan an activity and it seems like they just want more.  Sunday night was the first time we had enough snow and it was good packing snow.  The little ones of course were all over making snowmen along with Mairin but the older ones took some coaxing.  "Put the ipads down and get your gear on...we are all going out for some fun time".  Eamon and Liam were great at rolling the big balls and the little ones would roll the little balls.  Mairin was my packer and made sure they were stable.  It was fun and it reminded me of when we made snowmen as a kid.  My dad always did things with us and he did them big.  Our snowmen were well over 6 feet tall and Dad pulled out all the stops to make it the best.  He was so good at creating amazing sledding hills and taking any activity to the next level.  I couldn't produce the huge snowmen but thought that making one for each person in the family would make everyone happy. 
The other day we were all home and the kids were getting a bit restless and I needed to do a workout so I thought, what the heck I will put in a video and see if I can get thru it without getting interrupted.  It didn't take long before everyone was in the family room very interested in what I was doing. They wanted to know why I was  exercising and they wanted to do it too.  Eamon and Liam joined in only to show me up, but quickly found out that their abs were not nearly as strong as they thought they were.  I captured the attention of 5 boys for close to an hour with this little activity.  By the end I had a tiny piece of floor left in the back of the room as everyone had positioned themselves front and center.  When David got home from work the trips were quick to drop to the floor and show dad how they exercise.  Kids have an amazing ability to do things and make them look easy.  I was sweating in the back and they were all laughing and having a ball.


Sarah said...

I love all the snow men!

I have to try the workout video with my trio. I might actually get some exercise done.

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