Monday, February 25, 2013

How Do You Do It???????

How Do You  Do It?  The most frequent question I get.  I don't know if I really know the answer.  How do you do what you do?  I find that I seem to manage fairly well with regular bumps in my path. Here are some of the main things that make my days easier and helps me make it......

-Make me laugh

-Clean up after yourself and make sure if I leave the house for several hours that the family room and kitchen are picked up upon my return.

-When I cook for you continue to tell me how much you love it. (if you hate it...tell me in a nice way so that my feelings are not hurt and so that I don't make it again)

-When I say it is bedtime please brush your teeth and go to bed.  No funny business and no piddling...Bedtime usually means that I am done for the day so make it happen.

-Hug me and tell me how much you love being part of this family.

-When I plan a fun day..tell me several times during and after how much fun you are having.

-Sit down and talk to me...tell me details of your day.

-Do not bury your head in the ipads and do not ignore me.

-Understand that a Friday or Saturday night often requires a babysitter because Mom and Dad need time together.

-Do your best at school and always be respectful

-Play the sport you have chosen to the best of your ability and have fun doing it

-Try new things and new may end up enjoying yourself.

-Laugh and be silly

-Help ME when I need it and ask for help when YOU need it.

-Love me unconditionally as I love each and every one of you

There you have it.  A super condensed version of how I make thru everyday with the gifts I have been given.  I love to tell the stories of the rough days but I also love the cards that I have been dealt. 


Bautista Triplets said...

Just read your blog and just have to say WOW! How do you do it??? I get asked the same question, but you have quite the crew!!!!

laraine said...

LOVE this. Mind if I steal some of it?