Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Tooth Had To Come Out

Declan got a tooth pulled the other day.  Lets go back to October of 2011 when the little nugget came upstairs after falling on the frame of the couch and jamming his 2 front teeth up into his gums.  I panicked but was reassured by my pediatric dentist that they would come down with time and their would be a slight chance of root damage later on.  Here we are almost a year and a half later and yep there is an infection in the gums.  The front tooth has to come out.  I hate that he is going to be without a tooth for several years but rather that than a permanent tooth.

We had an amazing experience with the tooth extraction.  The doctor gave him some loopy medicine upon arrival to the office and within 30 minutes he was laughing and unbalanced.  They took him back and just a few minutes later I went back to see him laughing and picking out rubber lizards and stickers.  The medicine keeps him awake but makes him not remember it.  This happened a week ago and the kid has no thoughts or comments about his tooth.  He says that he woke up and it feel out. 

The experience was great but the wearing off of the medicine was not as fun.  Declan was not the kid that just came home and went to sleep.  He was the kid who wanted to stumble around the house and clearly had ants in his pants all afternoon.  At 4:30pm he disappeared for a few minutes and when I came to look for him he went upstairs, jumped in his bed and was sound to sleep. 
It doesn't look nearly as bad as I had anticipated.  It may make him just a little bit cuter!

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