Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Madness..Mott Style

Spring always brings a bit of excitement to the Mott house but also gives me a bit of panic at the same time.  The sports are ending and the sign up sheets are up for the new spring seasons.  There seems to be an exorbitant amount of birthdays in March and lots of days off from school.  The schedules begin to change and the months of a normal schedule are coming to an end. 

This spring I am a little extra nervous about the organizational chart I will be using in order to make sure I keep track of all the events to come.  The triplets are being thrown into the schedule this year with sports of their own.  March is the start of Saturday morning 3 on 3 fun hockey for Eamon and Liam.  April brings a new sport for the Mott family, Lacrosse.  Eamon has decided to forgo baseball this year and venture out to lacrosse.  Liam will continue on with baseball.  We are dipping our toes into some tennis and the triplets will be part of a Saturday morning soccer league.  Mairin will also do some soccer for the spring.  Throw some swim clinics mid April and we have a full schedule.  This season is always short but I am finding myself preparing David for the 6 weeks of complete chaos. 

We get to celebrate a first Communion for Mairin in April and we always look forward to spring when all the snowbirds return from Florida.  I have a feeling that the flowers might not get planted as early as they have in past years and our spring yard clean up might have to wait until June.   I have a mom to mom sale coming up in a few weeks so organizing for that is just one more thing on my to do list. 

My laundry piles get higher in the spring when the triplets like to find every mud puddle known to man.  The uniforms always need washing and bringing out the spring coats adds to the wash load.   My email inbox is full of sign up confirmations and schedules.   None of the schedules are set in stone so I make a pile of printouts that sit on my counter in hopes of finalization so I can enter into my calendar.  I feel like my social life is put on hold not knowing if there will be a tryout or a sport event on that particular evening.  Papers are constantly coming home from school talking about all of the upcoming events.  Mairin is going to another school next year and so are the boys.  We are getting intro letters and invitations to open houses and "get to know your new school" events.  My mind often races forward to summer and the thought of all that is ahead can be mind boggling. 

If we are friends and you don't hear from me or see me much for the next several months.......You know why.  Here is to the Spring Season that is upon us.


Kimberly said...

I hear ya! :-)
one day at a time is what i keep repeating to myself hehehe

Sarah @OMGTheresThree said...

My goodness, I don't know how you juggle activities for five kids. I'm not looking forward to my three.

Good luck and stay sane!