Monday, April 15, 2013


Wow....It has really been a long time since I have been on.  My last post of March Madness is now a full reality.  Baseball has started and Lacrosse is in full swing. 

Lacrosse is a new addition to our family.  I need to give a shout out to my Eamon.  Eamon decided he was not going to play baseball this year so we offered up the idea of lacrosse.  We jumped on a team kind of last minute and it has been a whirlwind.  This is a sport I know nothing about and we had no idea when we picked this particular team that we would have practice 4 days a week and games on weekends.  Eamon absolutely loves it and we are making it work.  I printed off the schedule and during Spring Break it said for the kids to practice for 30 minutes a day on the pitch back and to run 2 miles a day.  Eamon read that and off he went.  He spent the entire spring break running.  The last 2 days of break he was up to 5 miles each day.  He set aside an hour a day to work on his pitch back and was very determined to improve his game.  The coach told him not to expect to be a "stud" on the team his first year. (all the kids on the team have played at least 3 years...HOLY COW).  Who knew that starting as a 10 year old boy you would be behind the 8 ball....geezzzzz!  I am so proud of Eamon's determination and dedication so far and love that he has found something else that he loves. He doesn't know anyone on the team and is having to make all new friends...but seems to be doing well at it.  Eamon here is to you and your ability to make me so proud everyday!

I wonder if we will have 2 lacrosse players next year and no baseball players?  I think that Liam may jump ship next year.  Liam likes the pace of lacrosse so maybe we will be back to a single sport by this time next year. 

I made the mistake of mentioning to the triplets that they will be starting soccer in a couple weeks.  Now every time they wake up from a nap or have a down moment they are asking to go to soccer.  I am so excited that the Johnson triplets will be joining us on our soccer team as well as our neighbor friend, Kennedy.  Mairin also is playing soccer with her little posse of friends.  Saturday mornings I will be at the soccer fields while David handles the baseball and lacrosse schedules.

The triplets continue to crack me up the older they get.  I am thrilled for this spring as they are able to go outside without me and I am assured that I will not find them in the street.  I still have to check regularly but it is so refreshing that I don't need to sit out there the entire time.  We are loving our ride on tractors and cars that we got for Christmas. 

We were at church for Easter Sunday and the trips did very well.  The best part of mass is when they were preparing for communion and Finn said, (out loud)..."Is he fixing us lunch"?   Loved it.  Finn is just full of questions and constantly trying to make sense of the world.  He is always so matter of fact and you want to capture the moments when they happen.  He had the hiccups the other day and I said to him, "awww Finn you have the hiccups"?  He didn't look up or even stop but just responded with, "nope mom I got little pukes"?

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