Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Triplets Have A Better Social Life Than I Do!

Sometimes kids just have no idea how lucky they are.  We are in full swing of our spring sport schedule and I was in need of a sitter last night.  I went down my list and I believe that I tried everyone and it was one of those nights when everyone had something going on.  I tried one of my favorite sitters, Natalie, a week ago and she said sure but she was heading out to the Whalers hockey game and that the kids could come with her.  I decided (with David) what the heck and I let them go with her. 
It was a busy night last night because Eamon had his first lacrosse game and Liam had a baseball game.  This is the very first time the boys have decided on different activities.  Eamon is betting that Liam will join him in lacrosse next year and Liam is on the fence.

I had a 15 minute window in between drop offs.  I sent David to baseball and I watched the lacrosse game.  I planned to end up at the baseball game with Eamon if the time worked out.  I knew it was a night for a sitter and thank goodness because it was a rainy and cold night.  I was imagining triplets playing in the rain or worse...driving me crazy in the backseat of the vehicle for several hours.  Both of the teams played in the rain and I was able to sit in my car for part of the game and still have a front row seat.  I had visions of sitting out in the sun for a evening of sports but the rain definitely changed that thought.  While I was standing under an umbrella, trying to block the gales of wind and pouring rain, the triplets and Mairin  had front row seats, access to the suite, shook hands with the players and brought home Whaler hockey pucks.

 I was in complete aw and they didn't stop talking about it all day.  They got home so late last night that they even slept in for me today.....Not sure it could get any better. It gave me such joy that they had a great night too.  All 6 kids had a special night and each of them had their own special activities.

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