Thursday, April 25, 2013

Twins...A Single and Triplets....

The end of a school year brings lots of programs at school and I feel like I can't keep up with all of the field trip notes coming home.  There is so much to do for the 5th graders and their graduation.  You would think they were graduating from high school with all of the activities they have planned.  I must have missed the note that said they had a singing program so this past Friday I was in crunch mode trying to find dress clothes that fit.  The outfits turned out ok and they had a great performance and made me proud.  The best part is that they can wear it all again this Sunday when Mairin receives her 1st Communion.  I wanted to get a picture of the boys so I told them to do what dad would do.  This is what I got! Hilarious
We are in full swing preparation for Mairin's 1st communion this weekend.  All this really involves is getting the kids pumped up for a party and going thru the house to declutter and get ready for guests.  As I am running around working, Finn will always ask me what I am doing.  I tell him that mommy is working and so he will disappear for a moment and return with all of his gear so he can "work" too.  I have to quickly dispose of any Fed Ex boxes that arrive at the house or he will insist on hoarding them.  He carries his caution cones with him where ever he goes and usually I have to lace the caution tape thru the cones so he can create his own hazardous zone.
Mairin is the only single and our only girl but she has quite the social life as well.  Mairin has been so responsible and so helpful that I get nothing but joy when she gets an opportunity to go somewhere.  Last week I got a call from my sister in law, Pam and she asked if they could take Mairin for the weekend.  I said yes and she had an amazing weekend.  Uncle Tom and Aunt Pam picked Mairin up early from school and took her to Michigan State where she stayed the night in the dorm rooms with her cousins.  I have 3 nieces up there now and they all gathered and showed Mairin what college life is all about. 
She went to the cafeteria, did some campus walking and some shopping.  On Saturday afternoon Mairin said goodbye to her cousins: Mary Katherine, Maddie and Maura and headed to Alma College to see a play that another cousin was managing.  Her cousin, Matt took her backstage and got all the autographs from all of the actors.  They arrived back to Metro Detroit very late so Mairin slept over at Tom and Pam's house and joined them for church Sunday morning.  The little diva came home and was full of stories and completely spoiled for the weekend.  Mairin wanted to know when they were going to do that again.  If you ever read and wonder how Mairin finds her place in this family please never fear because Mairin has the busiest social calendar of anyone here.  She is constantly going here and there and she really does deserve it because she is my #1 helper. 

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