Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another Milestone..Another Weekend

Last weekend could be considered a blur but very productive (a saying that my dad always used).  My lovely parents came into town on Saturday morning, early enough to watch the triplets and Mairin play some soccer.  My mom never missed a game when we played sports so I know it is always a soft spot for her.  She seems to really love going to sporting events.  We all know that the highlight of any activity for a 4 year old is snack time.

We had a beautiful sunny day and spent the afternoon hanging out together and fixing things around the house.  Dad always needs a project to do or he gets anxious.  He fixed the kids toilet (took it off..cleared the obstruction and put it back together).  He fixed our leaky lawn blower and did some lawn clean up.  Heidi was so generous and babysat while we took mom and dad out for a night on the town. 

Sunday was a special day for Miss Mairin.  She received her 1st Communion at the 11am mass.  We had everyone come and it was so sweet to see her growing up.  I am especially grateful for the dress she was wearing.  Aunt Nadine has 5 older children and 4 of them are girls.  She saved the dress that her girls all wore.  Mairin wore a dress worn by her 4 cousins....Meghan, Colleen, Betsy and precious.  The dress was in beautiful condition and fit her perfectly.  What a gift..thanks Nadine. 
We had lunch catered after along with some good conversation.  Everyone was gone by 6pm and as we were cleaning up Mairin approaches me with the question, "mom, how much did your phone cost"? oh no...not at 8 years old...not already.  I tell her that I am not sure how much it cost.  She proceeds to inform me that she now has enough money to buy herself a phone.  "Mairin..absolutely not, no way are you getting a phone".  She then asks me when she can have one. "when you are 15 years old".  Surprisingly she says, "ok, mom so how about if I buy one and you can hold onto it until I am 15yrs old".  I had to explain to my sweet little doll that phones go out of date so quickly and that would not be smart.  She seemed ok with it and I know it will come up again but geezzz......The boys are coming up on 11 years old and haven't even mentioned wanting a phone...ever!

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