Thursday, May 30, 2013

Passing On The Traditions

Another Memorial Day weekend done and gone.  All I have from the weekend are memories and pictures.  My mom and dad were hands on all weekend and pulled out all of the stops.  Heidi was gracious enough to take the triplets up north a day early so I had 24 hours with only 3 kids.  The weather was cool so we had some time to some extra activities.  The weather has been a great breeding ground for this season's morel mushrooms.  We were able to load up all of the kids and head back to the woods and search for the wonderful treasures.  Finding morels are like finding gold and it is only when you have tasted them that you really have a idea as to how exciting it is to find them.  We found so many that we were unable to eat them all.

Grandpa lead us all out to his secret spots and we had a ball.  The kids all got into the hunt and we discovered that Liam has an eagle eye and was spotting them 50 feet away. 
Grandpa still gets a thrill when he has a successful hunt. 
The triplets and Mairin even enjoyed walking carefully thru the woods, careful not to step on any precious mushrooms.  Grandpa taught the kids how to snip them off so that they would come back next year and did a lesson on where they are found.  Dead elm trees are where you normally can find them and when you find one you can bet there are many more. 
The kids enjoyed the 4 wheelers with Eamon and Liam getting the "ok" from Grandpa to go solo on them.  We had a minor mishap when Liam got really comfortable with the go kart and ended up hitting a tree with one of the tires.  Yep that put the go kart out of commission for a little while.  Grandpa has the patience of a saint and immediately went to work trying to fix it. 

The kids went swimming a couple of times and although it was so cold it was still a fun event.  We attended the Derby Lake potluck and had a couple of campfires.  The adult fun included a couple of cocktails across the lake at the "tiki hut".  The kids were all tired at night and the house stayed quiet until close to 9am every morning.  My poor mother needed the late rising because she was cooking and helping everyone from the time she woke up til she crashed at night.  We are like whirlwind when we come in and I can only imagine the peace that comes over her when we all pack up and leave.  Finn asked when we were ready to leave, "Grandma are you gonna take a rest"?

We have field trips to our local farm in the city and although we always go and pay our $7.00 per person to be able to wander thru the barns and see the animals up close I always laugh to myself because it does bring back memories. We decided to give friend Tena a call and go over to the Olson farm during milking. It was a hoot. Nothing has changed in that milking parlor since I had been there last. The kids were in awww with their mouths hanging wide open. 

I know that people would consider me a city girl now but there was a time when I lived in Stanton and was very familiar with the farming that went on so close around me.  My best friend growing up was Tena Olson.  Tena lived on a Dairy farm and I remember that our Friday nights never began until Tena helped with milking and I finished working the dinner hour rush at the family restaurant.  We would both rush home and clean up for our night out.  (she smelled like cow dung and I smelled like a greasy french fry). It was never a big deal and it was just the way it was.  I do enjoy going back and bringing back all the old memories.

Lets not kid anyone....David was having just as much fun.  They were milking 8 cows at a time and there were cows pooing in front of the kids so they all moved back and just as they were watching... Tena shouts, "David watch out"....They all turned around and cows were pooing behind them and it was splattering all over the back of David's shirt.  (Best part of the whole visit).  It was cramped in the milking room and we didn't want to get in the way so we decided to move on.

 The kids all went out to where the calves were and they let the kids feed them with huge bottles.  2 got loose and it was a sight watching them being caught.  Tena's brother,Paul pointed out the different pens and why there were cows here and why they were not being milked etc.  We ended up out front on the tractors and the kids did not want to leave.  There is nothing like a couple of hours of seeing a real farm in action.
David had to pose for the camera.  Now we all know who the real city boy is!

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