Monday, June 24, 2013

Church and Funny Jesus-isms

I love love love a 4 year old perspective on religion.  I guess I forgot how much little ones listen and how much they really hear.  I don't remember the twins being so inquisitive but then again I have forgotten so many things.  We are a church going family and I mean a really church going family.  I have to contribute this to my husband because he is a die hard. 

We honeymooned in Thailand and yes we had to find a Catholic Church in Bangkok.  During hockey season David will take the boys to whatever mass he can find even if the boys hair is wet with sweat.  I have to say that they have seen many churches in the past couple years.  I don't go nearly as much because I refuse to take 3 little boys into a quiet place and pretend that I am getting anything out of the service.  We do go on various occasions hoping for the transition to happen when everyone sits there like little angels. When school is in session the triplets have a preschool-Sunday school they go to during mass and that is the best of all the scenarios. 

A little history on religion in my family.  I grew up Lutheran and my mom was also a die hard (and still is).  We went every Sunday and we better adjust our Saturday night plans in order to be able to get up on Sunday for Church.  I hated it at the time but as an adult it has given me a strong faith and the ability to realize that there is something much bigger out there. My faith is very comforting in times of trial and in times of happiness.  Gosh this was not meant to be a religious post..I guess I am going for it though. 

Prior to getting married I decided to convert to Catholicism.  It was a decision that I made in order to keep our family unit together.  I wanted to make sure that we could all go to church together and if I converted than I would know what my kids were learning in their catechism classes.  David still refers to me as a Latholic (Catholic Light).  I also enjoy randomly teasing him about some of the Catholic stereotypes as well.  He will respond with "You are Catholic too..remember". 

Ok so back to the triplets.  The triplets room doesn't have much on the walls, in fact we took everything down because they destroy anything they can.  We did leave the cross on the wall. It is an 18in tall metal cross and on various nights they will get on their beds and take the cross down and they tell me in the morning "we took Jesus off the wall".  David had enough of Jesus leaving the wall so he had a talk with them about how Jesus needs to stay on the wall so he can watch over them.  He also got into the discussion of "Jesus is everywhere and is always watching"....

We have a huge church down the road from us and it looks like a castle.  The triplets always say "that's where Jesus lives" every time we drive by it. They will often comment when we pass various other churches that Jesus lives there too.  They can spot a cross faster than I can.Most kids think Cinderella lives in the Magic Kingdom but my trips say that Jesus lives there.  Someday we will take them and tell them that Cinderella shares her castle.

A couple months ago Finn was writing his name and he wanted to write his last name.  I was telling him to write an M and then a circle and when we got to the "t"s I had my hands full in the kitchen so I told him to make 2 crosses, like the ones that Jesus died on.  He immediately made 2 lower case "t"s.  He was so proud of his writing and he then repeated the spelling to me. "M.....O... and 2 Jesus". I looked over at him and said, "Yes Finn that is perfect". He went to school the next day and told the teacher, "I can spell my last name...M...O...and 2 Jesus".  The teacher stopped for a second, smiled and said, "yes Finn that is perfect".  It seems as if we now go back and forth from calling them "t"s or Jesus but as far as I am concerned he can call them Jesus as long as he likes.

I also tell the boys on storming nights that Jesus is moving his furniture.  When lighting hits we all know the Jesus is turning on and off his lights in heaven.  Sometimes when they wake up in the morning the first thing they will say is ...".Jesus was moving his furniture last night for a long time". This can often lead into a discussion about what furniture he is moving and why it is so loud.  We have to talk about how moving kitchen tables and couches are heavy and loud.  It always brings a smile to my face.   I wonder how long they will believe me.

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