Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Livin The Dream

Livin The Dream......
(go ahead and insert the sarcasm button anywhere).  This is my summer motto.   What more could a mom want.  School lets out and I am now fully in charge of 6 little bundles of joy for 3 months.  I am personally responsible for their happiness and entertainment.  Oh and lets not forget that I need to make sure that they keep "learning" over the summer so that they return to school on schedule.  They eat more, they are home more and of course make way more messes and everyone always feels the need to change their clothing several times a day.  I have very limited downtime, my exercize routine is completely thrown out the window and grocery shopping usually happens after everyone goes to bed.  "lets go out for coffee" that is a thought that will have to wait until September.  What happened to year round school?  Can you imagine what that would be like?  Sometimes I catch myself dreaming about the idea.....

Ok Ok enough of writing as if I dislike my children.  I am really crazy about them but I do struggle with an overwhelming amount of guilt at times.  The age differences in the kids is so vast that we have hit a point where the interests are different.  The triplets are good with any activity but the older ones definitely know what they like and what they don't like.  The twins have come to an age where toys are of no interest but electronics can consume as much of the day as I allow.  I think they could play games from morning til night on the family ipad if I wasn't paying attention.  I keep pretty tight restrictions on those over the summer.  I have enrolled the older 3 into swimming, tennis and golf so hopefully it will make everyone happy this summer.  Yesterday I took them out on the driving range to hit some balls, teach them some etiquette and gave them some pointers.  I am finally at a point where we can "hang" and do things together that we both enjoy.  The twins HATE swimming, LOVE tennis and LIKE golf.  I can live with that.  "Boys.... swimming is good conditioning for hockey and keeps you busy, tennis is right up your alley and golf...well you better learn it because it is a life long game". They are so tired of my lectures already.  My theory is that if they learn how to play tennis than I will always have built in partners to go out and play with and the same goes with golf.  I love watching them grow up.

Eamon and Liam graduated from the 5th grade and will be moving onto another school in the fall.  They were on a wait list for a school which is 3-8 and they both got in.  Mairin also got in so I have all 3 back into the same school for a couple more years.  The news did not go over well for the boys and it has a lot to do with leaving their friends.  Although they know kids at the 3-8 school it is still a big change. A change that we believe they will adjust to in no time.

The triplets are in vacation bible school this week and they are loving it so it seems to be working so far.  We are only into our first week out of school.  The squirt guns came out the other day and the water wars have begun.   Water guns, water balloons, slip n slides and a couple hoses seems to entertain all ages. 
Trampoline wars...notice everyone has on their PJs.  This is when everyone is ready for bed and all of a sudden the house is quiet and everyone disappears poor neighbors.
The triplets are in control of the hose and showing the older boys who is boss!
Colin wanted to see what it felt like to squirt water into his eye!  Ok go ahead buddy!
Finn says, "watch mom...look what happens when I put mouth around the hose"
More to come and hopefully more time to keep you all updated on how we are surviving.

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