Friday, July 19, 2013

The Stuff That Keeps Twins, Trips and A Single Busy

The last 4 weeks has brought the Mott house lots of fun.  We have been running from swim practice, swim meets, some golf practice and lots of tennis.  I am leaving little time for arguing, boredom and video games.  Eamon and Liam still hate swimming but they do it without too much complaining.  I keep telling them it is good conditioning.  Mairin still loves swimming and is all about where are we going next.  Eamon and Liam are taking a liking to tennis and are realizing how many kids their age have been playing for several years.  They are behind the curve but picking up speed.  Mairin is in a different tennis group and although she loves it.  I secretly think it is the social part that she salivates for.  Golf is only 1 morning a week and is enjoyed by all 3.  I on the other hand am the summer driver and watcher.  The triplets have a different schedule and they are usually with me or with a sitter.  Hopefully next year we can introduce them into swim team.  Our days are long and busy and when the boys give me grief about our activities I tell them, "well what else would you be doing if I said we could stay home but no electronics and no TV". Hah..that seems to perk them up and gets them to say, "Yeah good point".  Mairin is a peach and the more activities I have planned for her the happier she is.
We went out and got her ears pierced and she has been following the care directions great.  "Mom I twisted my earrings 6 times today and I put alcohol on them".  Her constant question is, "when can I wear dangle earrings". I respond with, "never".
Liam is so good with the triplets.  He lets them dunk him and they think he is the coolest older brother ever.  Liam always comes up with silly games that they love.
I did not set this picture up..I swear.  It is a perfect example of monkey see..monkey do.  They were all swimming at the pool and Finn was the first one to get a chair and claim that he needed a break.  It didn't take long for the other 2 to follow and for a couple moments they were all laying there...taking a break and watching the activities.  They do crack me up...everyday!!

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