Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Water and How It Makes People Uneasy

Took the triplets to the pool several weeks ago.  Lifeguards on duty and the pool is full of kids playing around.  I still hesitate introducing them into situations where it might make others uneasy.  My nerves start to loosen up and we are playing in the water.  I still insist that they wear their floaters, not because I  think they can't swim but because I am aware of others.  Low and behold my wonderful Declan is on this kick where he loves doing the dead man float face down.  It is not long before I glance over to see him face down and holding his breath.  I wait, knowing what he is doing and as I wait I see the eyes of two lifeguards locked on him.  See this is what I am talking about....I'm uneasy about others.  He pops his head up with his almost white sun bleached hair all wet and his goofy look behind his bright red and black goggles.  He looks at me all proud as he has just spent time in his favorite place...underwater.

I noticed that this pool offered swimming lessons for little ones so I signed all 3 up.  I talked with the instructor prior to the class (who is also a lifeguard) and told her that I wanted her to test them out and push them to see what they could do.  My thought is to introduce them to pre team next year. (pre team is nothing more than an activity that they can do while the older ones are swimming.  I am not prepping them for the Olympics but simply looking for activities.).  She takes each of them for a 30 minute lesson and gets them to swim a fair distance.  At the end of the lessons she tells me that they are strong swimmers and definitely ready for pre team.  I'm relieved and I lean down and tell her, "Ok good ...so now when we come to swim without our floaters maybe you can pass onto the other lifeguards that they can chill and that their while knuckles make me nervous".  She laughs and says, "yes I will.  We do get nervous when we don't know the kids and what their swimming abilities are ".  Oh you don't have to explain to me.  I watch the lifeguards when we show up.  They all get into their ready position.  I mean you should see us coming.  I usually have a large bag full of 6 towels.  Can't forget the clothes to change into after and all of the goggles, swim floaters and a couple bottles of sunblock.  Sometimes we need some snacks, drinks and then maybe some toys to play with.  Then there are my things that I need which are often forgotten because I am too busy getting everyone else's stuff together.  Now that we have arrived...I try to remember to take everyone on a trip to the bathroom before we get in or I will spend the next hour making everyone get out of the water each time one has to go.  We set up our area and usually by this time we have an audience. I set up my assembly line for sunblock application.  It is like a well oiled machine.  They all know what to do and when to turn around.  Close your eyes, close your mouth..ok you are good to go.  Wait a minute till it dries. This is about the time when people are looking and counting the number of children that are with me.  People see that I am 1 adult and there is a mass of little people surrounding me.   "Oh my, look at that poor women with all of those kids".  "She doesn't have any help?".  "She is not going to let all those kids in the water". "I don't know if that is a smart idea".  You know people are saying it.....you just can't hear it.  It is all going on while we are unloading.  I really prefer to blend into situations and not stand out.  I have had to learn that having 6 kids is never a way to blend in.  I'm sure it really gets people talking when I decide not to get into the water with the kids.  I'm not going to lie that sometimes it is fun to look around and catch people watching.  Ahh...It is just another day in the life of twins, trips and a single.


ladycatherina said...

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Heather said...

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