Thursday, September 12, 2013

Changing Schools

It is really interesting to watch your kids grow up and find out what their strengths and weaknesses are.  At the end of this past year we were notified that Eamon and Liam were selected to attend a new school, Covington.  This is a public school, in our school district but it is unique.  It is the only school in Birmingham Public Schools that is 3-8th grades.  All of our other schools go from K-5, then middle school and then high school.  There is a lottery for incoming 3rd graders and if your child is in a higher grade they can still be put on a lottery wait list.  Mairin got in via the lottery and we were excited.  Eamon and Liam were placed on the wait list and we honestly didn't think they would get in.  Covington takes 109 kids from the district for each grade.  No more and no less.  If a child leaves...they select from the wait list, but once you are are in.  We were blessed with a call 2 weeks before school ended for Eamon.  We took the spot and hoped that another call would come before school started.  We did not tell Eamon and pretended like it was business as usual.  The last day of school..the phone rang and Liam had a place.  We feel so blessed that we didn't have to make any crazy decisions (btw...we would not have separated them into different schools).  I now have my 3 oldest at the same school for the next 3 years.  Such a blessing and so exciting.

Mairin knew she got in early in the year so she was excited but when we sat the boys down and told them about changing schools it didn't go as well as we had hoped.  They both shed some tears and seemed lost.  We reassured them that we thought they would like it and even gave the option of leaving this school after the first year if they really hated it.  Eamon was very upset about leaving his friends and Liam was nervous about the change.  We talked about it and then we purposely ended the conversation and moved onto enjoying our summer.  They really just needed some time to let it sink in because within a week they were both fine with the idea. 

The night before our first day of school the nerves kicked in again.  Liam was by far the most uptight.  Liam hates not knowing where he is going and all the details of the day.  Eamon said he had a couple of dreams the night before and Mairin was dressed and ready the night before. 

Liam didn't know anyone in his class but took the first couple of days in stride.  He told me that he purposely sat with a group of kids that he didn't know at lunch in hopes of meeting new.  Liam and I often talk about friends and how to make them so I suggested to him that he should make it a priority to say hi, how are you doing? to 5 new people everyday.  I told him that it takes 2 to make friends and if he expects everyone to come to him than he will be disappointed in life. 

Eamon seems more at ease with new people.  He had several kids in his class that he knew and had no problem sitting with a group of old buddies at lunch.  Mairin came home after the first day and said, "I think it is going to be a great year mom".  I guess I don't need to be concerned for my little lady. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! My son is on the wait list for Covington and I was just doing some searching online to see what the odds are of his getting in. Do you mind me asking what spot on the wait list you had? My son is #23. Fingers crossed. :)