Monday, September 23, 2013

We All Have Our Jobs

Fall has grabbed the Mott family and taken us into a new schedule.  Long ago are the days of sleeping in and staying up late.  I think I have had the hardest time adjusting to the school schedule. The bus comes much earlier ...7:30am and the lunches need to be made that much earlier.  My wonderful alarm goes off at 6:45am and I try to get myself put together before I head down the hallway opening up doors and waking up the older 3.  Mairin is a pleasure to wake up in the morning.  She sleeps so hard that I can turn on the light and rustle around in her closet without her moving at all.  She eventually moves and a smile magically appears.  Liam often sets his alarm for 6:50am but has been turning it off.  He doesn't snooze it but instead shuts it down. Eamon could care less about an alarm and seems confident that if I want him to go to school than I will wake him up. Liam wants time to eat and veg on the couch before the bus comes while Eamon is content with throwing on some clothes and heading out the door. 

The mornings go fast and often we are blessed with the triplets meandering down the stairs, one by one, as the older 3 are packing up the backpacks to walk out the door.  The trips have another hour before we head out the door to preschool for them.  I am able to brew some coffee, watch my Today show in the kitchen and usually empty the dishwasher.  The trips still give me a little bit of a hard time with what I layout for them to wear.  I spent too many months this summer letting them be super casual so now when I want them to actually look nice they complain about the hems, the way the shorts fit and they insist that I roll up their jeans to a height that looks goofy.  I pick my battles so that we can at least get to school on time. Good lord, it is hardly long enough as it is, so being late is not an option.

David is rather busy at work with several trips scheduled.  He has been getting up 3 days a week at 5am to meet a buddy at the gym for some iron pumping. (so proud of this man).  He often doesn't come back home until 8pm or after on nights when we have hockey.  He is really a great dad and husband.  Sometimes home is just Hotel Mott for him as he leaves in the dark and returns when it is dark.  He showers, sleeps and is out the door.  I on the other hand spend most of my time at home, prepping and planning for this large family that keeps getting more and more demanding and scheduled.  If I am not at home I am driving to and from an event of some sort. I have to remind myself just like I always tell the kids, everyone in this family has a job and we all need to do our jobs in order for everything to work.  Sometimes we all hate our jobs but we still have to do them.  I do believe that all of our jobs have perks and drawbacks and I do believe that I am a pretty lucky lady to have the job that I have.

I am having to start dinners even earlier and I have been doing a lot of recipe research trying to find healthy meal ideas that can be taken on the road. The bus arrives home at 4:45pm and some nights we have to leave right then and there to get to our destination in time.  The triplets are still napping a couple days a week and it is such a quiet and productive afternoon when they do. They are eager to go wherever the twins have to go and they can tear up a hockey arena.  It never fails that when I take them to a hockey game, which only lasts an hour, they all have to go to the bathroom at different times, they are always hungry and of course thirsty. People wonder why I always have a bag full of food wherever I go. 

By 8pm I am tired and ready for bed.  My patience is not what it was 12 hours prior and getting everyone to bed never happens as fast as I would like it to.  I get very excited when I come down from putting everyone to bed.  I can just fall into the couch, pull up a blanket and David and I can watch one of our shows.  It never takes long before my comfortable couch molds around me and my eyes start rolling back in my head.  My mind says I need to go to bed but my body just lays there and doesn't want to move.  Eventually we end the evening with a slow stammer up the stairs only to jump into bed, reach over to set the alarm to do it all again tomorrow. 

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