Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Mom's Morning

By 8:30am I toasted 2 bagels, slathered them with cream cheese and made fruit smoothies for 3, scrambled 6 eggs and buttered 4 pieces of toast, brewed a small pot of coffee, changed a load of laundry, signed 2 permission slips and emptied the dishwasher.  I combed out 1 head of long hair and sprayed down crazy hair for 5.  I made 4 sandwiches and  searched the cupboards for the fillers for 4 lunches.  Opps...don't forget to go to the freezer and pull out the taco meat for dinner tonight.  I set out clothes for a set of triplets and turned on the cartoons.  I ran back upstairs and put myself together in order to be able to drop off triplets to preschool.  David left house first with a kiss, bus arrived promptly at 7:26am and 3 kids scurry out the door banging the sides of the walls with their backpacks.  I hear 3, "I love you mom" as the front door slams.  The triplets hold court on the couch all tucked in and watching their cartoons.   They know when the older 3 are out the door it is their turn for breakfast and mom attention.  By 8:30am I grab my purse and coffee and the 4 of us walk out the door for school. 

For those moms out there who also work outside of the home...I commend you.  You do all of this and you have to have yourself ready for an entire day away from the home.  I don't know how you do it!

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Beatty said...

Love to You! You Rock!!!