Thursday, November 21, 2013

Still Married and A Generator..Win Win!

Our neighborhood is buzzing with the sound of generators and although we got our power back on Tuesday it still brings me back to when we did not have a generator.  We now have a generator that runs the entire house and it kicks on when the power goes out.  It runs on natural gas and will run for days.  It may appear that I am spoiled or high maintenance but if you have been thru some of the power outages that I have been thru you would surely agree that I have earned my very own "mack daddy" generator. 

We moved into our lovely home in 2002 when Eamon and Liam were just born.  We didn't really pay attention to all the utility lines that ran through the woods in the back yard or the fact that some of the power lines ran over the pond in the backyard.  This has caused problems throughout the years.  We always lose power and we often lose it for longer periods of time because every idiot that comes out to fix our outage won't get near the water.  The cable guys look at the pond and laugh while I am steaming that I don't have Internet.  There was a time when I counted 13 cable techs that had come out to fix the cable.  David wrote a certified letter to the Vice President of Comcast about our service and it was amazing how many Comcast trucks were at our house upon receipt of the letter.  We have a special relationship with Comcast now.  (David is such a letter writer.  He will write these amazing letters to board members or heads of companies when he is really upset. He usually receives great service after)

Ok so back to the story......I have spent years with interrupted power.  In the early years my uncle would bring over his little generator and we would run extension cords thru the basement and plug things in.  David never felt comfortable with that system so we would disconnect at night and run it during the days.  I also remember packing up and staying with my sister in her 1 bedroom apartment for a couple days.  We set up a pack n play in her closet and I slept on the couch.  I left David at home because he didn't mind the cold and he would just get up and go to work.   The year that we had that terrible blackout we were out for 10 days and so was everyone else.  We went and stayed with my aunt and uncle for a couple of the days since they had a little generator that ran parts of their house.   The brutal part of losing power to me is the trips you need to make back to the house and either pack up all of the freezer food or empty out the ice machine and make sure there are towels around the fridge so water  isn't leaking everywhere.    As our family began to grow I found it to be more and more difficult and quite frankly I got tired of shacking up with people.  When you have 6 kids people stop offering for you to come over (except Aunt Myrna..she still offers).  I also spent countless times trying to deal with no power when David was out of town.  There was one time when David was in Germany for a week and we lost power.  It was winter time and while talking to him he suggested that I put snowsuits on the kids and turn on the fireplaces in the house to keep the pipes from freezing.  Are you freaking kidding me??? Why am I doing this?  Oh this is just perfect..Lets let the well behaved children frolic around the house with their winter gear on and I just know they will play quietly in the corner.  I did it and it got old really fast. That time David stopped calling and checking on us because I think he knew I was teetering on the edge of  insanity.  There was another time that we lost power and he was gone and while I was figuring out what to do with yet another lost freezer he was showering and getting ready to go out to dinner with his work people.  I just felt like he never really understood the pain of having little ones with no electricity, cable or any sort of entertainment.  I also can remember how many freezers full of food we lost.  I have a spare fridge in the garage and I have a freezer in the basement so when they all go out we lost a ton of food. 

I finally had had enough.  There was ONE and only ONE requirement that needed to be met before the triplets were born.  I wanted the "Mack Daddy" of generators.  I had no room and no patience for anything except something that would allow me to run my household when power was knocked out.  The triplets were born in December and at that point I just didn't want to ever worry about the house being too cold or having to pack people up and move.   I often reminded David that he needed to get moving on the generator and he would say..".ok... ok... ok... yep... yep... yep".   I started telling him that if the power went out and there was not a generator in place that I was leaving.  I would tell him that I was serious but clearly the generator project kept being put off. 

The day finally came....I knew it would and actually I might have secretly wished it would come so I could follow thru on my threats.  I don't always follow thru because I end up feeling bad.  My bark is much worse than my bite but this time my bite was painful.  We woke up to no power and yep you guessed it...No generator.  I popped out of bed, got dressed and as I was grabbing my coat and purse David looks at me with complete confusion and says, "where are you going"?  This was probably the most memorable question of our entire marriage thus far.  "What do you mean where am I going"?  "David, as I told you time after time.  The next time the power goes out and we do not have a generator I am leaving".  He thought I was kidding and he said in his half laughing voice, "No your not"?  "Oh yes I am".  This is the point when he finally gets it.  I won't say that he started begging me to stay at this point but there was a bit of a whimper in his voice.  He knew deep down that if he did the crime that he had to now do the time but he really wanted me to stay.  He asked, "Well where are you going"? I respond with "I don't know and I don't care but I am out of here".  I turned and walked out the door.  It was hard to walk out.  As irritated as I was I did feel huge guilt leaving him with 18 month old triplets, 5 year old little Mairin and 8 year old twins. I needed to stick to my guns though if I were ever to succeed in getting my "Mack Daddy" generator.  I ended up getting a coffee, pedicure, manicure and made some other stops.  I think I left him for 3 hours or so.  I returned to the house and received several hugs and kisses from him saying..."I love you so much and I will get a generator".  He got a really good taste of what life was like with kids and no power.  I believe the generator was ordered within a week and completely installed into the house within 2 weeks.   Cheers to my Mack Daddy generator.

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