Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013!

-3 Turkeys 24lb..12lb..10lb
-20 lb Mashed potatoes
-60 Rolls
-2 Cases of beer
-2 Liters of vodka
-12 2 Liters of pop
-4 Salads
-Cheese and Fruit Tray
-2 Large pans of macaroni and cheese
-3 Pans of cheesy potatoes
-4 Pies
-3 trays of cookies and a tray of push pops
and a TOFU Turkey!

It could have been the busiest weekend so far.  We hosted 51 people for Thanksgiving and I think I would consider it the best yet. 

The kids were pawned off to the in laws the night before so we could have 24 hours to prep for the best holiday of the year.  Thank goodness for lots of aunts and uncles.  The older 3 decided they wanted to run in the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning downtown so Uncle Billy took them.  They ran and walked with lots of their cousins and Uncle Billy only had a couple of  Amber Alerts during the 3 mile run with 22,000 other runners.  Thanks Billy for taking them and for walking with Mairin when she got her side cramps. Mairin was super hyped for the run but it didn't take long for her to realize it was a longer distance than she anticipated.  Rumor has it that they had to get up really early to get downtown for the run and they all expected breakfast before they went.  Mott dads are not morning people so Billy told them they would have breakfast when they got back.  Betsy piped in with, "they need protein before they run" and made eggs for all. 


The little ones had a sleepover with The Tommy Mott's and they helped deliver meals to the shut in people on the morning of Thanksgiving.  This has turned into a tradition as they have done for the past several years.  Tom drives and the kids take the meals in.  The trips got to hang with Mary Katherine, Maddie and Lauren.   Mary Katherine said they didn't get invited into many homes this year and it was probably because when the people saw 3 little boys at the door it was a little overwhelming even to the lonely.  I am so so grateful for the experiences that they get on this particular day.  I asked both groups to send me pictures and it didn't take long before there was a competition between the 2 groups.  Who was having more fun and who could outshine the other.  I love it!
I decided this year to try the slow and low method for our big turkey.  I cooked the turkey at 250 degrees for 7 hours and it turned out great.  We deep fried the other 2 turkeys.  The guests started arriving at 3pm and the turkeys were already out and resting.  I told Tom he had to start carving.  I realize at that moment that my garbage disposal is broken.  The hum of the motor is all I have and the kitchen is filling up fast with people.  This could be the worse thing to happen on this day.  I resign to the fact that I will have to function as in but Tom is right there and tells me to get the wrenches out and he will fix it.  Tom has a bit of a reputation amongst the Mott's as maybe not the handiest.  He will watch a home improvement show and then attempt the project and well maybe it doesn't always turn out the way it did on the show.  Stephen (Tom's son) looks at me and says, "you are going to let my dad fix it?".  "Stephen I don't have a lot of options right now".  He says, "Ok well I wouldn't get your hopes up".  Tom opens up the cupboard under the sink and  and has emptied out all of the crap that I have stuffed in there.  People are all around at this point and the kitchen is packed and a buzz with laughter and conversation.  I am stepping over him trying to get things ready to eat.  He turns it on and it makes a really loud noise and the room quiets down.  He goes back down under and adjusts something and tries it again.  The buzz of the disposal was such a musical sound....It was fixed!  Tom I will not doubt your abilities again. He saved the day!!!!  Can you imagine trying to manage all the clean up without a disposal.  Tom went back to his carving and dinner was served without a hitch. 

When everyone was done eating we all gathered into the family room for the Mott pictures.  We had photos digitized from 1958 thru the 80's.  It was all pictures of the Mott's growing up.  Everyone watched and everyone was laughing and yelling over each other talking about the photos. 

The women can only take it for so long so we all started working on our craft.  This year we put lights inside empty wines bottles and decorated the outside. 

By this time some people are heading back to the food for another plate and some are heading into the dining room to see what is available for dessert.  The kids are running around and everyone starts to really spread out around the house.  Lots of lounging and lots of conversation.  The last of the guests left around midnight and by 1am I had almost everything put away.  It was another great Thanksgiving!

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