Thursday, January 9, 2014

All I Want For Christmas Is A Shorter Break!

Presents, play dates, ice parties, activities, electronics, movies, hot chocolate, late nights, yelling, sleep in mornings, hockey, date nights, holiday parties, Christmas lights, family, sledding, mood swings, snow blowing, laughing, laundry, cooking 3 meals a day and it is finally over.  
20 days of Christmas break summed up!

Monday was supposed to be the first day back to school but clearly that didn't happen.  I was ok with Monday off and I was even ok with having Tuesday off but I gotta tell you...Wednesday snow day took me to the edge. 

Tuesday I had the itch to go out so I called a friend and was able to get out of the house.  I left at 6:45 with David smiling and eating dinner.  The roads were rotten and everyone was driving so slow.  I reached my friends house to pick her up only to get a text from David saying, "Finn threw up".  I responded with, "Oh no, do you need me to come home".  I went ahead and backed out of the driveway and off to the restaurant we went.  As we pulled in (20min) later I receive the dreaded text. "Declan just puked..yes come home".  To my surprise I was not angry but more disappointed.  I turned the car around and dropped off my friend...apologizing the whole way.  I finally get home at 7:45pm and both boys are laying on the couch.  I suggest that we put them all to bed so we did.  We gathered all of the puke buckets, towels and blankets and lined the floors and mattresses for what was to come.  This puke party was not over....I was convinced there was more to come.  We get downstairs and heck it was only 8pm so I ask David if he thought I was safe to leave again.  He apologized for jumping the gun and calling me home and said I should go and try it again.  I guess when he text ed me he had Liam take Declan upstairs and while he was throwing up upstairs, Finn was throwing up downstairs.  He said Declan was screaming..Daddy and he was afraid if the 3rd one started that would be too much. 

I text my friend and she said that she was still dressed and ready so I got back in my car to try it again.  We finally got to the restaurant around 9pm and we had a great evening.  Right in the middle of our dinner we both get the text that school is cancelled for Wednesday......It was fun to complain together.  I got home around 11:15 and stayed up to watch some trash TV.  I slipped into bed around midnight and just as I fell into a deep sleep our bedroom door flies open and I can hear the sound of whimpering and then the dreaded sound of liquid pattering the surface of our white Berber carpet.  We both explode out of bed and as I am going for the light I can't tell which child it is.  Of course it is the 3rd one.  Colin had finally joined the ranks of the sick.  He was sleep walking or at least seemed like it.  He had thrown up 4 times down the hallway and in our room.  I have a hard time dealing with puke so I began to self coach.  "Take deep breaths through your nose, cup your shirt over your nose and it will be OK.  It is just throw up from your own flesh in blood".  I get Colin to the toilet and head downstairs for towels, cloths and cleaning supplies.  David starts scrubbing carpet and I change the bedding, change pjs for Colin and get him all tucked back into bed.  I start a load of wash and finally finish cleaning up.  I go back to bed immediately but David heads downstairs for some water because he cannot go to sleep.  I hear him come in and I continue to fall deeper into my sleep when low and behold...1:35am the bedroom door flies open again...David and I leap out of bed again and it is Colin again with another round.  Thank goodness we left bath towels over the newly cleaned floors and we just directed Colin to projectile on the towels.  He finished and we tuck him back into bed.  One more trip down to the basement to change the load of wash and add these towels to the rest of the pile.  We both get back into bed and David is laughing at this point.  He looks at me and shakes his head.  I told him that my heart cannot take another one tonight.  I think we both were exhausted and a little skittish  if it was going to happen again before morning. 

Needless to say we all woke up Wednesday morning and the trips were a little sluggish but I guess it was good that we didn't have school cause half of my batch would have been home anyway.  We watched way too many movies on Wednesday and by this morning I think the older ones were even ready to go back to school.  I kept Colin home today because he wasn't 100% but everyone else went to school.

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