Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is Giving Up Even An Option?

It never ends.  Everything in my house and car is a disaster.  The mud marks that line the back of my leather seat in my vehicle make me cringe.  The mud footprint on the back of the side seat that is released forward for entry and exit send me to a place of crazy.  The wires hanging down in the back because someone has stuck their fingers up along the side of the ceiling and found the wires that hook up the DVD in the car.  The dirty coats from rubbing up against the dirty vehicles in the parking lots or from the running "race" out to the car and reaching the car by sliding down the side of it.  Running my finger into the seams of the couch.....nope not even going to go there.  My absolute favorite is the toothpaste and tooth brushes.  The bathroom always has sticky paste in the sink and along the side of the sink. The toothbrushes are stiff from leftover toothpaste that has dried from the night before.  The splashing in the bathtub that goes thru the ceiling and drips into the middle of my kitchen. (this has happened and now I have almost eliminated baths but I have also learned to line the floor with towels and threaten splashing).  Random socks found in corners and old banana peels tucked neatly in the arm of a chair.  The closets used for hide and seek and my good clothes scattered on the floor and even lost if pushed too far underneath the hangers.  The curtains in my dining room are hanging too low and touching the floor because little people find it cool to run in there and wrap the curtains around them to hide.  I don't even bother washing my windows anymore because I cannot keep up. There are little prints all over the walls and the occasional dry bugger smeared at just the right height.  There are crafts and pieces of crafts left in the oddest places.  We are always at a loss when we go to find flashlights and tape.  I buy it all of the time and never can find it.  I have 1 too many junk drawers because I just don't know where to put the odds and ends.  I have broken bins in the garage because Declan waited until we had a sitter and he jumped on them in the bitter cold temps and they just shattered.  Speaking of Declan....we found our toilet and bathtub upstairs filled with his wonderful marker masterpiece. (good thing Dad was home for that one......He won't ever do that again).  The light fixture has been taken off the triplets ceiling light because I have reach up every night and unscrew the light so they cannot play.  Funny that they will not come out of their room but they will turn the light on as soon as I leave the room....not anymore....I will win little people!  Random chairs left in the middle of rooms because they have moved on to climb elsewhere.  The kitchen is so hard to maintain and I think it is because these little people eat all the time.   They tend to carry things around the house and when they are interrupted they drop whatever they are holding and move onto other things.  I pick up the ipads and thank goodness for the covers because they are coated with a grime.  My door casings and handles are constantly needing me to wipe them down.  I glance at the toilet on my main floor and see that someone has missed.

 Why is there so much toilet paper in the trash next to the toilet?  Time to remind Colin that the used paper goes into the toilet and not in the garbage...AGAIN!  Mairin, your shoes are still under the kitchen table...didn't I ask you to take those to your room last night?  Liam, I found your missing lunch box shoved under the that because you assume your position upon entry into the home...drop backpack, find remote, find couch and blanket. (this kid needs 30 min after school...he does the same thing everyday).  Eamon, I found your homework in my bathroom upstairs.  You were so worried about misplacing it you took it with you while you showered last night.  Finn, please please put the protractors and rulers back in the special box or Dad will lose his mind when he goes to use them and we cant find them.  Declan...please my love will you stop changing your clothes in the basement utility room when you are hot because it takes me nearly a month to find the missing clothes that you beg me to find.  Triplets when I ask you to clean up the basement will you please stop putting Eamon and Liam's hockey gear into the dress up bin...It really makes for high stress when it is time for a game and we can't find a glove or a cup.  Mairin I have your number.  Your laundry basket was always the fullest and now that I do a full load of just your clothes (btw I don't wash even half of them because they are not even dirty) and hand them back to you to fold and put away....the basket seems to stay empty longer.  Eamon I have figured you out too....your side of the room always looks clean but I found the pile that has been accumulating behind your bed.   Liam thank goodness Eamon is there to keep waking you up in the morning or you would miss the bus.  My one wake up call clearly is not enough for you.  David...David...David....You were wondering where all of your dress pants were?  I hung up 6 pairs that were nicely hooked over the edge of the chair in our room.  Oh and found 6 belts too.  My goodness how nicely you stack the pants. 

Now for me....Yep every closet is stuffed full and mostly I know where things are at.  I don't have the best system but it is the best I can do at this point.  Don't get frustrated when I cant locate something because sometimes it takes me awhile to locate it.  Oh and yes I know I have too much stuff and I have duplicates but I have found that I use most of what I have and if I'm not using it now I have great intentions for the future. 

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