Tuesday, March 4, 2014

14 Years and Sill Kickin It

Well...today marks 14 years of being a wife.  11 years being a mom and 9 years of cooking dinner.  My sister in law has 5 kids and they are all grown.  She doesn't cook anymore and now I am starting to understand why.  When that last one leaves David is going to have a rude awakening when I can say, "you are on your own"... 

David and I woke up this morning and had a small conversation and off he went to a meeting. It wasn't until I received a Happy Anniversary text from someone else, I called David and said, ":Happy Anniversary". He too was happily reminded of the date. (he has always been much better at anniversary dates than me).  14 years ago today it was 60 degrees outside and the grass was green.  We took our outdoor pictures and people were without coats.  It is crazy how things change from year to year.

Thinking back to what we have done for the past 14 years my mind is full of memories and laughs.  We have sold 2 houses, moved to Mexico for David's work, moved back and have had 6 children.  We have renovated our home and we refuse to add up all of the work because the total spent would be depressing.  We have driven to and watched 952 hockey games and they are only 11 years old.  I have set up my folding chair and watched 364 baseball games in winter coats or tank tops.  I have sat through 126 swim meets that begin with promise and never seem to end.  With every game I watch it never gets old.  Every game is met with anticipation because my kid will be participating.  I have 3 who haven't started yet so I have so many more events to attend.

My husband is going to hate this part..........I can honestly say that I am a very happy wife and mother.  I found the right one and ever since everything has fallen into place.  I am blessed to have married the man that I did and I still anticipate a date night and being together.  There have been times of stress and anxiety but we are a great mix for each other.  For anyone out there who is still looking for their "Mr."  wait for the right one because it makes living life easy and fun.  Thanks David Mott for making the last 14 years so much fun.  I can't wait for the next 14.  (yep this is sappy and hokey but I couldn't resist)

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