Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter Break....A Full Week! Why???

I always go to my phone to get my inspiration for my next post.  The pictures will immediately make me remember the moment and sometimes the emotion that went with the picture.  We had winter break several weeks ago and I have not posted about our adventures.  We are the only district in the area that has a full week off in February and then again another week off for Spring break.  I usually pull out all of the fun at winter break and by the time Spring break comes the kids are bored to tears.  It is tough having 6 kids home for 9 days. 

I often toss around the idea of getting on a plane but "hello"...would you like to add that one up?  8 plane tickets for Spring Break week please!  Oh and "Mr. Hotel Manager, we have 8 people in our party.  Do you have a suite that has 4 queen beds or can I please spend my money on 2 rooms".  Traveling with a large family is not easy.  I dabble on the Internet looking for places to go and after some time I get frustrated and just forget it.  I want to travel with my kids but I also want to do it when they will appreciate it and enjoy it.  We are almost there.  The triplets are finally old enough to enjoy an adventure and we don't need the diapers and all the special things that little ones need.

Winter break started with a trip to "The Road Show".  This is a cool place on the east side that has lots of exotic animals.  Our neighbors own it and have invited us numerous times.  I decided to just put it on my agenda for the week.  They let the kids hold all kinds of snakes, they fed the tortoises and they hung out with a sugar glider.  It was a fun little adventure for Monday.

Tuesday we had clean up day.  We went into the basement and reorganized every item down there.  We got lots of laundry done and I had lots of helpers to put it all away.  Everyone got some time on the ipads and we watched a couple movies.

On Wednesday we went roller skating.  The triplets had never been but they seemed to really enjoy it.  Eamon was a bit of a hot shot in the beginning and he fell.  He hurt his wrist and didn't do much after that.  All I could think of...OMG he won't be able to finish up hockey and David is going to tell me why it was a bad idea.  It took several hours and Eamon was feeling better and the arm was ready for hockey.  Liam won the race that they had for 11-12 year old and of course he was on cloud nine.  Mairin brought a friend and they spent a lot of their time in the arcade. 
We grabbed lunch at a Coney Island after and I couldn't believe how many people asked if all of the kids were mine.  I guess we just don't go out very much.  Maybe it was because it was just me and the rest kids.  They were wonderful at lunch and other than 12 trips to the bathroom we made it thru and headed home.  We ended our evening with hockey practice and momma got a night out with my girlfriend. 

Thursday brought movie day.  We got out all of our Christmas gift cards and headed up to Great Lakes Crossing for "The Lego Movie".  I packed a bag of bottled water and ziplock bags.  We ordered 3 large popcorn's and 3 large slurpees.  The kids found their seats and I spaced out the popcorn and slurpees in between kids.  They all shared and we went for 3 popcorn refills.

Is break over yet??????? We had a great day on Friday because the temperature was warm enough to make great packing snow.  I pushed everyone outside and told them to build a fort, build a whatever you want but burn off some energy please!

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