Monday, April 28, 2014

Springtime Weeknights

Full swing ahead. Batter Up! We are making it all work and I officially now live in my car.  I had to stop and empty out my front passenger seat today.  It was full of water bottles and snack wrappers.  I usually get into my car at 3pm to head over and pick up Eamon and Liam from school and take them to tennis.  I am in a carpool so it is really funny when I have to pick up 2 other boys.  We end up throwing the booster seats in the back and the trips and Mairin take the back seat, 3 boys in the second row and I get the last one left in the front with me.  Short drive to tennis and since I really don't have time to go home I often get gas and find a park so the trips and Mairin can stretch their legs.  I am so thankful that Mairin is still young enough to where the park is fun.  We pick up the boys by 5 and then head home.  Baseball starts at 5:30 for the triplets and 6pm for Liam.  Monday night ends with an 8:15 to 9:15pm hockey practice in Troy.  Did I mention that Mairin starts swimming next week.

Tonight the triplets were playing t-ball.  Oh dear this is a painful event.  They are cute but I must give the coaches a ton of credit for their patience.  There are 12 five year old boys who practice for 45 min and then we play 2 innings.  I love that I have a couple of mom friends on the makes the time go so fast.  There is no bathroom at our field so there is a steady stream of uniforms standing along the treeline with their backs to us.  There are frequent water breaks and lots of learning going on.  The triplets love this more than they have liked any sport so far.  (they are 5 flipping years many sports would they be exposed too??? Goodness I think I have fallen into the trap) When the game finished tonight Finn came up to me and pulled my down to his level and whispered in my ear, "I peed a little in my pants because I forgot to go the bathroom".  Now that is fun.  We ended and headed over to another field because Liam's game was just starting.  The trips took off to play and I got to watch the game.  Colin comes over to me midway thru the game and said, "mom we have to leave, I did something bad".  I said, "what did you do"?  "I went poops in my pants".  Is it the night of the bathroom issues or what. (husband is out of town for the week, I am running solo, we are midway thru the baseball game, the rain looks like it is coming our way, it is bitter cold outside and Colin needs to poop tonight...really)  I thought ....what the heck was I going to do.  We really couldn't go home.  I felt his backside...expecting to feel a large boulder in his pants but felt nothing.  We went to the bathroom and with a quick throw away of some underwear we were back in action.  We won the baseball game and we were home by 8:30pm.  I got the trips up to bed with a couple of bedtime stories, walked by Mairin's room to find her teary eyed because of a poetry contest happening tomorrow that her friend will be out of town for.  We had some hugs and kisses and tucked her away for the night.  I cleaned up a bit, Liam in family room doing homework and Eamon finally comes in the door from hockey practice.  Ahhhh...Everyone is home, homework is almost done and almost time for mom to grab a blanket and the remote for an evening of DVR.

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