Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Am So Blessed and I Am So Flattered.

What a whirlwind of compliments, words of kindness and just a lot of attention coming my way.  This has been a fun couple of days.  The excitement of looking at my phone to see the latest comments.  Thank you so much  for all of your comments and for following.  I am truly touched and flattered by all of the attention.

I have always read the articles written by Marney Rich Keenan and ever since we came in contact 12 years ago I tend to search out her articles.  It is funny how social media makes people so much more accessible and I love that I can reach out and say "hi" to someone without having to drop a note in the mail.  Marney was very kind in the article and gave me too much credit.  She sent me a text after the article came out and apologized that they had to cut a piece out that was all about David and all of his help.  He has been teasing me about this ever since.  Maybe I will have to do a Fathers Day piece all about him. (only if he lets me sleep in on my Birthday).

There are so many days when I get up and I do the same thing day after day.  I get 6 kids ready to go to school, do the whole breakfast thing, clean up and off I go.  By 5pm I am doing the same thing again.  I have my days when I need some attention and I tell my husband, 

"talk to me...I have only spoken to children today".  
"Let me make a decision today, the biggest decision that I have made today is what kind of bread I am going to buy".  
"Tell me about your day and all the details because the details in your day sound so much more exciting". 

Poor guy,   I wonder how many husbands get this when they arrive home from work.  I am pretty lucky on this front though.  David has never let me down when it comes to taking the time to talk with me or give me the pep talk that I need to keep going.  He has a way of making everything ok again.  He is so supportive and is good at pointing out just how important my roll is in this family.  This article has just blown me away with all of the comments from friends and family.  You have all just reinforced that I am normal and that you all do think my job is tough sometimes (easy sometimes too).

The comments from face book really hit home for me

"I have taken hints from you", 
"thanks for being an inspiration"
 "thanks for letting us into your world" 
"You Rock"  

You have helped me to look at my daily happenings in a different way.  I write to remember the details but the fact that you all are still reading is really the very most flattering part.  Thank you all for taking the time to read and to comment.  Thank you for laughing with me in the funny posts and understanding me in the stressful posts.  It is the comments that I read in the middle of the day that make me perk up and think just how blessed I really am.

Here is a link to the article in case you have no idea what I am talking about.  Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there.  I admire moms and all that they do.

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