Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7, 2002 Was The Beginning Of Our BIG Family

It was a scheduled c-section and it was our first experience.  I was uptight and David was nervous.  We were going to do everything  perfect.  We welcomed 2 adorable little peanuts at 8:44 and 8:45am on May 7th 2002.  They were so cute and we took them home really not knowing what we were doing.  We charted bowl movements and  feeding schedules and we managed to make it work.  We had so much fun that we continued to add to our family.  Today we are an over sized family of 8 and we are loving it.  I can't imagine life any other way.
They have gone from needing me every minute to being independent young men.  They are so helpful now and are joys to be around.  They are finishing up their 6th grade year along with spring hockey, tennis and some baseball for Liam.  They are truly the best of friends and often smiling.  Some of my favorite moments is over hearing them at the math chair with their dad going over homework.  When the math is complete you can always bet that Eamon will ask another question that is completely off topic which starts a conversation between the three of them.  They are never in a hurry when their dad is talking about world stuff.  (I wonder when they will realize just how lucky they are to have a dad with so much locked up in that brain of his) Looks like Liam is going to bypass braces all together and Eamon only has until October and he will be free of them.  I look at these two and realize over and over again what a gift they both are.  They make me so proud everyday.  Here is to you...Eamon Mott and Liam Mott...Happy Birthday.

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