Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Wrong Things Coming To An End

Why does preschool come to an end 3 weeks before the end of the "normal" school year?  Don't you think it should be the opposite?  The older kids finish up school and then the little ones get out 3 weeks later.  This way I could warm up to the idea and get used to having everyone home.  Instead, the triplets will be done on May 22 for the year.  Yes people this is all the school they will have til September (deep breath Heather....breath in and breath out slowly).  This also means that they will be with me close to 24 hours a day for 108 days.  Yes there will be camps and events but for the most part I am the entertainment.  I think it is time to head out for a new batch of sand toys, sign up for the zoo family pass and get back on Pinterest to bring out my creative side.  I act like it is a big deal but really it all seems to work out.  They are coming into themselves and honestly end up playing outside with each other for hours at a time.  I always say that each year gets easier and it is true.  The trips are pretty good at coming up with things to do but often if I don't hear anything I need to go check because some of the things they think up....make me crazy.  

The latest craze is the mud.  I thought I could go without rain boots this year.  It took a week of the snow being gone for me to do a rush order on Amazon for 3 pairs of rain boots.  I ran their tennis shoes thru the laundry 3 times in a matter of 2 days.  Now the rule is that if they are on the driveway they wear tennis shoes but anywhere else it is rain boots.  I catch them scooping mud out of the puddles and they always come in to change their pants because when they are squatting their little tushies get wet.  "Mom Mom can we play in the rain".  I will sometimes go for it.  Apparently this day I was feeling free and relaxed and said, "sure go ahead".  The excitement of the rain and being outside clearly made them have to pee and no one wanted to come in. (I'm glad they did it outside).  When they did finally come in they had to completely undress in the garage.  I just happened to be looking out the kitchen window at the right time....When does that ever happen?

Lately they have been really into hockey and they play mini sticks in the basement when their brothers are off to school.  The other day they did make me laugh when they all came upstairs looking like this.
Cute huh! Eamon and Liam did not think so when they went downstairs to find all of their hockey gear thrown around the basement and all mixed up.  See this is what I mean by destructive.  They go thru things and destroy.  

Easter morning I half expected an argument especially from Declan about what I wanted them to wear.  I set out the pants and shirts and they all put them on with excitement.  They saw their father with his tie on and they all wanted ties.  I went upstairs and got them their ties.  They then wanted to have dress shoes like dad. Sorry boys....I can't put together 3 pairs of dress shoes in a matter of minutes.  They wore the ties all day.  So cute. 

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