Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What A Great Weekend! This Is What It Is Really All About.

I am just getting back on track and the laundry is finally done from our fantastic weekend.  I think this Memorial Day Weekend could be labeled as one of the best yet.  We had amazing weather and lots to do.  My mom and dad always make sure the food is stocked, gas tanks are all full and lots of wood for the fires.  How lucky am I!

The biggest anticipation by all, including the triplets was mushroom hunting.  Memorial Day Weekend is always the time for Morel Mushrooms.  Growing up I thought everyone hunted for mushrooms and thought everyone loved them.  My own husband didn't know about them and has since become one of the best hunters. My father is so particular about his woods and protecting his deer that really the excitement is equally about the free pass to go out into the woods and spend time.  He finds the morels in the same spots every year so we have a route that we take and we make our stops. We make sure we only pick the amount that we will eat and leave the rest for another pick.  Walking thru the woods you will hear the kids and their excitement, "Oh my gosh" and "Here is the mother load" or "mom, mom come look at these".  Grandpa taught everyone how to pinch them off so that they will come back next year and we just filled our bags.

We spent a couple hours getting them all cleaned and then we set up a couple fry pans in the kitchen and then some on the grill outside and we let the cooking begin.  It doesn't take long before everyone is full and happy.
In order to take everyone out into the woods we are so thankful to have our golf cart and the 4 wheeler to get everyone out there.  We all pile on and it is kind of funny.
Dad had some work he needed help with this weekend so how could we turn him down.  In the midst of getting the big green tractor ready for the field, he stopped and taught David and the older boys how to drive it.  Everyone took turns while Eamon and Liam drove it across the field while the others picked the roots out of the field.  Oh how I remember chores like this.  Eamon and Liam thought it was fun and I just can't imagine making my dad do stuff like this on his own anymore.  Glad we could help.  Dad also got his digger stuck so they had to get the chains out and pull it out.  The trips really enjoyed watching grandpa spread dirt and make a road.  It is the simple things that they really love.
The unusually warm weekend brought on lots of swimming and even some knee boarding and tubing.  I think the triplets put on and took off their suits at least a dozen times each day.  They would go to bed by 930 or 10pm and they would not wake up until around 9pm.  They would just go and go.
I was just as tired as the kids were at night.  This is a busy weekend and lots of activities.  Mairin was pretty upset that we didn't make it to Anderson Orchards for some ice cream and animals but I kept telling her that we just ran out of time.  We had a great weekend and I got lots of time with my parents and sister.  Lots of the aunts and uncles came over on Sunday for a day of hanging out and my good friend from high school, Tena Hoover even spent the day with me.  It was a great weekend.

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