Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer..Full Swing

We are in full swing of summer and I am proud to say that I have yet to hear.."I'm bored".  We have been on the go since school let out and so far so good.  The summer schedule is now the norm and I can already feel the pain that September will bring when that early alarm goes off.

The washer is constantly going with wet towels and swim suits.  My mornings are usually full of opening up swim bags and pulling out the wet....stinky, wrinkled clothes that were left in their bags from the night before.  I specifically remember as a kid that my mom would get so upset when I would leave towels in a heap on the floor all wet.  I always thought,"what is the big deal". Yep now I know what the big deal is.

My house is staying clean because we are never here.  We constantly have drying swim suits on our front porch along with towels draped everywhere.  There are at least 6 open cans of sun block floating in the various bags that we take with us.  The grocery bill is somewhat smaller and basic because we are not here for meals.  I haven't cooked a family dinner in a week.  There is no fighting bedtime because we all seem to just fall into bed.  Mom and Dad are getting their play dates in as well with golf leagues.  The toy closet has been opened on the past several rainy days and the kids are building kinex.  The summer reading program has begun.  Eamon and Liam have to read King Arthur this summer and they also have to read to their little buddy often. ......Ahhh the joys of summer.

I am finally reaping the benefits of 6 kids when it comes to cleaning.  The kids know when it is coming because I get all fired up and ready for a cleaning moment.  Here is how it goes down.  I go into the family room where everyone is usually in a coma watching TV or playing iPads.  (Let me be clear...coma mode for too long makes me crazy...I get this from my dad.  I can go into a bad mood almost instantly when I see the kids becoming one with the sofa for too long)  

I sit down on the fireplace hearth and say, "Alright guys it is time again....lets spend 30 minutes and clean this house...ok".  I then have every one's attention and I begin assigning tasks.  Eamon-clean up basement and Liam vacuum.  Mairin clean up the garage bins and shoes.  Finn you go clean your room, Declan can you do family room and Colin you get to clean up the entryway.  Report back to me when your job is complete.  It is really funny to watch everyone disappear to their jobs.  Round 2 usually brings.....Eamon and Liam and Mairin bring down all of your laundry and take up the folded laundry and put it away.  Triplets clean up the craft room and take toys from the family room back downstairs (we have to do this periodically because toys creep upstairs).  I often will make the leftover kids my runners.  "Take this to my room, Take this downstairs, Take this out to the shed".  It saves me a ton of time and a ton of running around.  We work hard and we work fast so that not to lose interest.  David usually has some sort of outdoor assigned for the older 3 and it is almost always picking weeds.  He will lay out an area that he wants clean by the time he arrives home from work.  Liam is the 'get it done now kid'...he wants to get it done first thing..before it gets too hot out and Eamon is the 'what is the big rush kid'.....maybe in a little while.  They will usually sputter at each other and Liam will win.  Mairin will just follow.

Welcome To A Mott Summer!

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