Sunday, June 29, 2014

They DId It...

Summer activities are just that...summer activities.  Having the triplets swim on the swim team is merely my way of creating an event that happens everyday at the same time.  We get up and we have somewhere to go and it keeps them active.  I know that the Olympics are not in our future and if we miss a practice...oh well.  

This past Wednesday I was gushing with pride as we had our first swim meet (time trials).  The triplets had never been to a swim meet before (always left them home with a sitter while I would go watch the older ones in their meet).  They have been swimming for the past several weeks..5 to 6 days a week.  I did all I could do to pump them up and get them excited for the day.  I didn't know if I would actually get all of them into the water and with triplets you really never know what will happen until the very last minute. We came with our racing suits (that is what they call them) and the swim caps.  They had to complete all 4 strokes so we could get times for them.  Obviously they are not very fast...good lord we are just thrilled they have the basic stroke concept down and can make it to the end of the pool.  They put the trips in their own heat so it was very special for me to be able to watch my little nuggets all at once experience their very first competitive swim.  I am happy to report that they completed all 4 strokes and we only had mild tears from 1. When they had to swim the breast stroke they all got up on the blocks and after 3 belly smacks I knew at least 1 was not gonna like that.  Finn comes to me at the end and with a tear says, "I never wanna get up on those things again".  "Ok buddy we don't have to. You can jump in without getting on the blocks".  Then after Finn finished the last stroke...his favorite..freestyle he came to me and said, "Mom I don't like this".  Finn is not a fan of the attention all being on him.  So many people are drawn to him that he has quite the fan following.  This kid will have a group of young ladies and young men falling over him at practices.  The girls all say..."Hiiiii Finnnnnnnn" with their wave and the boys all are "high five me bro".  He is the popular one (not by choice at all) and he doesn't even want it....well I think he is getting used to it.  We talked and finally I got out of him that he didn't like it that I was not at the end when he finished.  He didn't like all of the attention on him and having to get out of the water and come to the other end to get me.  I smiled and told him that I will be at the end for him next time.  The time trials were a great success and I was so proud to see them exert their little independence.  I stopped off at the candy store after the meet for a treat for all.

This was Mairin's first year of having to do 50's (that is down and back).  She was sucking lots of wind but did well.  Liam is well into doing 50's but with his growth this past year it was fun watching how much faster he got this year.  My eldest, Eamon swims in practice everyday but is not competing this year so he cheered on his friends and siblings during the meet.  

This summer has been fun.  The kids have their stuff to do and I even manage to get an hour and some days even 2 while they are in their activities.  This will be Eamon's last year of swimming I am guessing.  I have encouraged as long as I can.  He has been a great sport this year and I am so proud.  Heck I am so geeked and proud of all of them.  

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