Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Vacation..Northern Michigan-Chapter 1

No TV for 2 electronics play dates and lots of together time.  Hours spent in the car with knees touching and the occasional falling asleep on the sibling next to you.  Sitting in the seat that requires distribution of sandwiches to all parties and knowing that that job requires you to eat last.  Seeing a movie in the car twice..maybe 3 times because the little ones wanted it and it is just easier to keep them happy.  Going right to the edge of your sanity because the noise will not stop.  Feeling the blood swell into your neck and taking a deep breath because you can't imagine hearing "stoooopppp touching me" again.  Enjoying the board games at 10pm and teaching the kids how to play.  Campfires at night and the questions that come out.  I specifically remember one night when David said, "ok ask me anything".  Eamon asks, "why did WWII start" and "why was Hitler so bad"? David loved that and I the conversation began.  I think that was a late night around the fire.

When there is no electronics or TV it is amazing what the kids find to do.  They all played in the sand and buried each other for hours.  They made up tons of games in the yard and collected rocks and painted them. They would go diving in the lake in search of treasures and ended up finding an old pair of Ray Bans. They collected craw fish and skipped rocks.  They must have opened every board game at the cottage we were staying at and figured out to play them all.  It was lots of fun.

We took a family vacation these past several weeks.  I believe it to be the 1st trip we have taken for a long period with all of the kids.  We left Metro Detroit on August 9 and returned on August 22nd.  We stayed at a cottage on Torch Lake that belongs to David's aunt/cousin.  They were so gracious to open up their cottage to us.  We had 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and plenty of room to move in.  I packed a ton of stuff so that we could go and not eat out everyday.  We drove 2 vehicles so we could divide and conquer.  We took many road trips and have so so many memories of our trip together.

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