Wednesday, September 24, 2014

5 Boys and A Girl

I received a wonderful email the other day from a super mom of 8 year old twin boys and another set of twin boys on the way.  She reached out to say how she enjoyed reading my blog but also to inquire about life with so many boys.   I was so excited for her and went on to respond to her with all of the wonderful things that a big family of boys offers.  I was blessed with 5 boys but I cannot completely relate because I was blessed with my Miss Mairin who is my mini me in every way.  I love her to pieces and she often gets thrown into the mess of boys but she never complains..well rarely.....

It really made me start to think about how my life differs from lets say...a family with all girls.  I have been to the play dates with the pretty girls.  The pretty dresses and the girls that sit nicely and quietly and color.  Mairin has friends over and you don't hear from them until they are hungry.  They are up singing in their rooms or making videos.  They make getting ready for bed a production and packing for a sleepover a monumental event.  The boys...not so much.

My 12 year old boys have friends over and all they want is some food that they can take to the basement along with cans of pop (not always allowed here..more for special occasions) and permission to rent an On Demand movie.  They want to pull out the couches and sleep down there and they really would rather the adults stay upstairs.  They are never doing anything bad (yet)  but if you do listen in you hear 12 year old boys talking lots of smack.  They don't care about special pillows or enough bedding for everyone.  They just want to hang.

The triplets and a play date..Watch out... It usually begins with a fight.  The fight is always over my 3 boys wanting the undivided attention of the friend. (no I don't usually have a friend for each of them or I would have 6 little 5 year old boys running that would send me over the edge.) These play dates are loud, busy and destructive.  Call me crazy but this is why I don't do a lot of triplet play dates.  My house becomes a maze of obstacles and making my kitchen and living room a circular track to run.  I am constantly suggesting activities outdoors.

The life of boys.....It happened today in fact!  I looked out the window to see 2 boys playing in the sandbox and 1 standing and peeing.  Boys just stand up..pee and then go back to playing.  Staying on topic...drips in the bathroom.  Boys are rough and quick.  They fly into the bathroom and they fly out.  They leave a trail where ever they go.  They brought me a snake the other day and spent a long time playing with it, making a home for it and holding it.  They named it "boney" because it felt like bones.  This is what I love about my boys because they do know how to take life back to the simplest form and run with it.

Dirty hands don't bother them and the more mud the better.  They have healthy appetites and someone is constantly hungry or thirsty.  I can always make a casserole and not have to eat it for a week.  We have dinner and then we have after dinner..dinner.  (This is really for the 12 year olds and especially after a long hockey practice).  

We never go anywhere quietly and usually when we do go out someone spills a drink or dumps something on the floor.  It costs just over $40.00 to hit the McDonald's drive thru for the 8 of us and the snack packs of 12 that you purchase at the store only lasts for a short minute.  My life revolves around....where are we going? how long will we be there? and if food and drink is needed to be packed.  Stopping off at restaurant or convenience store is not cheap for the Mott family.  I try to keep a case of water in the back of my vehicle and a box of various snacks in the glove box. Something to tide over a hungry or cranky kid can be priceless.

I love my broad of boys and my 1 little girl.  Mairin surely knows how to get dirty and she is rough and tough but she also loves getting dressed up and going out with mom.

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