Friday, September 12, 2014

I'm Home Alone! All 6 In School

Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone that I am home.  Don't tell anyone that I can go back to bed at 8:15am when the last batch of kids get on the bus.  This is a world that I do not even remember.  I have had someone little at home and in my house for the past 12 years.  There has always been someone who is younger and not in school yet.  There has always been the juggling of babysitters if I needed to do anything during the day.  I almost don't know what to do and how to react.  Everyone asks me what the heck I am going to do with all of my time and I just answer with a blank look of..."I don't know"?  Do I need to know at this point?  I mean haven't I put in my time?  Don't I get a couple of weeks off?  Come on..what about that Lifetime Marathon on TV from 9am til 4pm that I used to dream about when I was home with my 2 year old triplets.

So far I have done nothing but catch up.  I have been going from one appointment to another.  I have been driving kids to get glasses repaired, braces adjusted, dental cleanings and the most appointment for me.  My Aunt Myrna had a knee replacement yesterday and I just couldn't bear not being there to support her.  It was the first time I could be there for her and not pay for a babysitter. The day went so fast that before she was out of surgery recovery I had to head home to get the kids off the bus.

My world is really consumed by food.  I am constantly trying to come up with new lunch and dinner ideas.  I am now making 7 lunches every morning, 3 snacks and then preparing dinner for 8.  My refrigerator is full, my dishwasher is constantly full and these kids are always hungry.  This will take a couple weeks to get into the groove.  Oh and did I mention that 6:15am comes way too early after spending 3 months sleeping in.

1st Day of School Picture.  2 - 7th graders - 1 -4th grader - 3 - kindergartners

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