Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer Vacation-Upper Penninsula-Chapter 2

The first day of our trip is always exciting.  We arrive and everyone starts exploring.  David and I explore a little bit too and we are all a little giddy.  I quickly put everything away and get the cars all emptied out.  The kids are running around and I cannot find their bathing suits fast enough.  We make a great dinner and we have a campfire.  Sm ores and a cocktail for mom and dad and we are all good.  The 2nd day seems to resemble the first and all is good.  My mom is close by for a conference so she drops off Dad to hang out with us.  David decides to charter a boat and the men all go deep water fishing in Lake Michigan.  The Little's and I stay back and enjoy the day.  They come home with a king salmon and we have a great dinner on the grill.  The rain has arrived by this point and I make the call that we are doing our Upper Peninsula road trip the next day.  We drop off Dad at the resort and we head out mid day.  Our goal is Pictured Rocks in Munising, MI and then to Tehquamenon Falls.  While at the falls we decided to hit Whitefish Point and tour the "Shipwreck Museum" and learn all about the Edmond Fitzgerald.   We spent 2 nights in the Upper Peninsula and had some great visits.

Pictured Rock

The 2.5 hour round trip to see the pictured rocks.  It was a very cold day and quite windy.  We covered 30 miles on the boat that morning.
Hotel Living

Yes we had to get 2 hotel rooms each night.  We took turns on who slept with the triplets and who got the older kids.  I usually got the older ones and had Mairin share a bed with me.  We quickly started searching out Motels rather than Hotels in this situation.
All of my littles at the Falls
Now to the highlight of my Upper Peninsula experience.  I remember my grandmother taking my sister and me around Lake Superior as a child.  We traveled several weeks in a van and made lots of stops.  I specifically remember stopping at the Mystery Spot.  It was a hole in the wall small little side show in St Ignace.  You stop because you are curious.  It is just a small tour of illusions.  I told David that we had to do it.  He thought I was crazy because his mother would never stop at places like that.  I told him that mine did so we were going.  He kind of made fun of me driving there and laughed at me when we left.  They explain the location as sort of a mystery piece of land and it all happens because the land is unique.  Davids first question in the car was, " know that is not a magical place right".  "You know that it is all an illusion".  "Yes David I do but wasn't it kind of cool"?  He was more interested that someone thought of the idea and that the sign says there have been 3 million visitors so he was doing the math and giving the creators a lot of credit.

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