Thursday, October 2, 2014

Early Mornings and Lots of Lunches!

What do your mornings look like?  I bet if you have children, you can relate to the crazy rat race of a morning.  I cannot even imagine what a morning is like with multiple children and a working mom.  I can at least run around and get everyone out the door and then go put myself together.  Working mom's out there...I have to hand it to you..You require even more organization and time management than I am exhibiting in this post.  Cheers to you!!!!!

I have been meaning to post pictures of my morning lunch production.

My alarm goes off at 6:30am and I head downstairs to prepare 7 lunches, 3 snacks and help out with 6 breakfasts.  I pack lunches for all 6 of my littles and my wonderful husband. I let the older 3 pick 1 day a week where they buy lunch.  My reasoning for packing lunches is because I fear that everyday they would pick junk for lunch.  There are so many lines now and so many junk options that my kids would be the ones who pick the chips and strawberry milk for lunch.  Not to mention a little bag of chips is 1.50.  It doesn't take long for those to add up.  What happened to the old lunch lines where you got into 1 line and got 1 option?  Anyway...I don't necessarily like packing lunches but it gives me peace of mind knowing what they are eating.   I am up anyway so why not be in my normal spot...the kitchen.

I have found that in the past couple years I have been able to send leftovers with the older 3.  I will cook chicken breasts for the week and send in chicken breasts with ranch (they love this and can it be any healthier????).  My theory on this is that if I send them a lunch and they are not crazy about a certain fruit or vegetable...if that is all there is ..they are sure to eat it if they are hungry.

This morning the older 3 got pork loin strips, roasted potatoes and carrots for lunch and it was all from dinner last night.  On days like this I throw in a Cheetos or CheezIt to make the lunch fun.  It is also a great way for me to cook at night and be able to spread out a meal into several.  The banging of the backpacks and grabbing of the lunches occurs at 7:15am when the 1st batch heads out the door for the bus.  The triplets gather their lunches and pack their bags for the bus by 8:15am.  The hour gap provides me with a break for a cup of coffee and time for any emergency that may arise.

The triplets are new to the whole lunch stuff since this is their first year at all day school. I am easing them into their lunches by packing mostly sandwiches or wraps.  I am still figuring how much to send for them and what they are willing to eat and what they are not touching.  Every kid seems to be a little different when it comes to eating away from home. I love hitting the dollar store and finding a cool container that will fit certain snacks.  I know..its all about the little things that keep you coming back for more.

There are the mornings when the 1st batch leaves and there is a lunch that is left behind but hey it happens.  There are the evenings when they tell me about a lunch option that I failed miserably at.  Most recently I made smoothies and put them in the silicon tubes and froze them.  I thought it would be great but the kids informed me that they melted before lunch and turned black and then they separated and tasted terrible.  Eamon had a day when his yogurt exploded in his lunch box..."Eamon go ahead and grab a hot lunch when that happens".  Liam will not look at his lunch ahead of time because he wants to be surprised.   Mairin is constantly hanging over my shoulders wondering what I am putting in her lunch.  Eamon is the picky one and informs me that he does not like pudding but he really likes the carrots with ranch.  "mom we don't have lots of time to eat so we need things we can eat kind of fast".  Good to know Eamon....good to know.

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