Friday, February 6, 2015

Everyone Needs To Pitch In

There are so many people out there that I have run into who are scared of my life.  Scared of the amount of kids and quite frankly scared of the work required.  I get it...there are mornings when I wake up scared to face my to do list.   The other morning I was having my coffee and contemplating what the 2nd snow day (that we were blessed with) was going be comprised of.  I grabbed my post it notes and began writing out to do lists for everyone.

Liam- (widely known in our house as the organizer. Very detailed and loses nothing).  He got to do the basement organizing. Dump out all the mix matched toys in the bins and put the pieces all back to where they belong.  This is a big job and is done twice a year. He accepted the challenge with a smile.

Eamon- (known for a slower method of work but a deep thinker.  I always say he is just like his dad)  He was assigned his drawers in his room. Go thru them and pull out the stuff that is too small, stuff that doesn't have a match and the stuff that you will not wear.  Then shovel all snow off trampoline outside.  When the basement is clean please vacuum.  Eamon doesn't necessarily accept with a smile but he never gives me grief either.

Mairin - (be bops around the house and replies with yes to everything because she ultimately knows the end game. A play date  might be in her future. The boys often call her a show off because she can be so agreeable)  She gets to clean her room, go thru her drawers, vacuum family room and be my runner.

Colin (very obedient especially when a possible treat is involved) He was assigned the entryway clean up.  Then he was instructed to clean his room and make his bed.

Declan -( kind of a spaz so jobs need to be short in order not to lose him) He got to help clean his room and make his bed. He had to cleanup the garage (pick up all coats and boots and put them in bins). I had him bag the returnables and then he became my runner.

Finn - (another very organized dude and very eager to work).  He was assigned to be Liam's  right hand man and he liked that.

I had everyone off doing their jobs and as they finished I would assign more until everyone finished.  I cleaned the kitchen and folded laundry while sending little nuggets upstairs and down with things that needed homes in different rooms.  1.5 hours later we were rocking the cleanest house with a happy mom.  I offered a trip to  the sledding hill for everyone who wanted to go.

Many hands make light the work.  

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