Monday, March 16, 2015

Mystery Reader..Come On In

They stood quietly outside in the hallway waiting for their que to walk into Mrs. Clark's kindergarten room.  I picked them up from school early so they could make it over to the triplets school in time for this cool surprise.  I made them all dress nice for the day too. (they hated that part).  They were a little nervous and they were anticipating the excitement of their brothers when they would discover that Eamon, Liam and Mairin were the mystery readers for the day.  All of a sudden we heard our que.... The sound of 24 little nuggets yelling.."mystery reader ...come on in".  

The triplets were definitely surprised when their older brothers and sister walked into their classroom to read to them.  I think they were especially excited to share their older siblings with their fellow classmates.  Mairin read first and had her buddy, Finn sit next to her.  She did a great job and the class all listened.

Eamon went next and had Colin sit next to him.  Eamon sat up in front with confidence and seemed to have no issues.  Mrs. Clark asked them all questions before and during the books.
Liam ended the session with the popular "NO, David" book.  He did a nice job as well.  He was asking the kids questions during the book and I honestly didn't know the kid had it in him.  He has really overcome some of his fears of being in front of people he doesn't know.  It was very cute.
Mrs. Clark was also Eamon and Liam's kindergarten teacher so that made this visit even a little more special for the older ones.  Mairin didn't have Mrs Clark for kindergarten but she took off to say hello to her old teacher immediately following the reading.  I got to take all 6 home after school and it was a nice ending to a great day.

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