Friday, April 24, 2015

Twins, Triplets and Single ....Deals and Dramas

We take up a whole row.  We need a bigger than average kitchen table.  We can’t take other kids with us because our vehicle is at capacity.  The benefits and the downfalls of a big family.  Family memberships to the zoo are beneficial to families like mine.  We can more than pay for a year membership in just a single visit.  Family discounts benefit us sometimes when they make prices lower after child number  4.  

Every time we go to sign the kids up for an event  and the price seems reasonable it is when you have to double or triple it and you start to get nauseous.  People always tell me about the cute little markets that they shop at and all the cool types of food they have.  I have walked into these stores and quickly remember why Costco and Sam’s Club are my trusty go to options.  I buy a dozen boxes of cereal when they are on sale because we are easily a box a morning.  I stop at the outlets on my way up north because Pepper ridge Farms has all of their bread next to the counter priced at 1.00 per loaf.  I will take bags of bread home and freeze.  I always say it is not so much the cost but the amount of storage needed for a big family.   I have a make shift pantry out in the garage where I can stock my dry goods and mostly it is stocked due to really good sales that I need to take advantage of. 

Easter is always interesting.  Our church is never full enough to where you can’t find a seat but on Easter you have to make sure and get there early in order to grab a seat.  This is especially true for us because the 8 of us take up an entire row.  The holidays (no matter which one it is) is always exhausting because the amount of work that goes into getting everyone dressed and ready in their fancy clothes is quite an undertaking.  Eamon wears a different size than liam does and they both have different size jackets.  The shoes if not worn in awhile could be too small and as they are complaining that their feet are curled up at the end I am saying, “deal with it, we are out of options and I have to move on and get the triplets dressed”.  There are 5 ties to be tied and  putting together enough belts to match and fit is always a problem.  They always disappear.  Then it is just when you are walking out to the car and you notice that Liam  didn’t go to his dad’s drawer and get a pair of black socks but that he is sporting those flouresent Under Armor socks that are peaking thru the gap of his khakis that could argueably be almost too short.  We cannot get the triplets dressed to early because they will ruin their outfits in no time.  We came home from a 1st communion just the other  night and as I was washing the clothes I had 2 dress shirts with rips in the arms, 1 dress shirt with orange marker on it, a blazer with a missing button (grrrrrrr) and 3 pairs of dress pants with grass stains on them.  Another day…..


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great job cuz u must b doing it right. Ur kids have so many wonderful things to share at school. They never complain or whine abt anything at school

Kaila A said...


I am also a mother of multiple sets of multiples (see There are no other moms near me that have a similar situation, which is why I was so encouraged to find your blog! We are in the incredibly intense early years, which feels overwhelming at times. Anyway, I'm encouraged to read some of your posts. -K