Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Twins..Triplets and A Single..Getting Busy With Life!

I settled into bed on Sunday evening at an early hour.  The weekend was overwhelming and I think I ate most of my meals on the road.  It was not a family vacation or anything but rather the life of a chauffeur mom.  We sent everyone in for showers early on Sunday evening with the hopes of the house shutting down early.

We covered lots of highway miles, 5 hockey games, 2 baseball games, tennis practice, a 5k run and a date night on Saturday.  I laid down and got all covered up and cozy.  My intent was to let my eyes roll back in my head and drift into a deep slumber.  As soon as I hit the pillow my brain did the opposite.  What is ahead of me this week? 

Are all of the carpools set up? 
Is Colin's eye doctor appointment going to conflict with my volunteering in the classroom?  
Wait... is David working late any night this week? 
I need to order the mulch!  
Oh shoot I still need to send an email out about the hosting of the families at the homeless shelter.  
I really need to get the summer clothes out for the triplets.  
Did I change that last load of laundry?  

Needless to say I leaned over and told David, "I will be back later, I need to gather my thoughts for the week".  I needed to sit down and get the calendars out and write out all the requirements for the week.  I am still a little old fashioned in the spring when we are overbooked.  I keep everything in my phone on my calendar but there is something to be said about having it all written out so you can see the week in a glance and really see any gaps in the schedule.  Our biggest issue that now we have the triplets doing activities.  If everyone has an event on a single night I am just out of people.  It takes some patience and the ability to ask for help to be able to juggle and balance this interesting 6 week time period in the spring.  Liam plays baseball and the triplets also play baseball.  Eamon and Liam play spring hockey.  Mairin does swim and tennis.  Eamon and Liam also participate in the 7th grade tennis team thru school.  Some of the frustration comes with the overlapping of the seasons.  Baseball is wrapping up and swim tune up is beginning.  Spring hockey is ending but tennis has another week.
Spring dinnertime is rough.  I have to come up with dinners that can sit on the stove and pick items that the kids will eat warm or cold.  Taco pie and blueberry pie was sitting on the stove last night for all of the shifts coming and going.  By the time I arrived home half of it was gone and it was still being eaten.  I can't keep up with the stains on the clothes and the kids are spending their evenings running around during the baseball games or hockey games.  There is not a lot of home time for the triplets because they usually have to ride with me to the events.  They never understand why they can't watch TV before bed on the nights when we don't get home until dark.

I finish the organizing of my thoughts at the kitchen table around 11:30pm on Sunday night.  It was all I could do to make it back up the stairs and crawl into bed.  Monday proved to be a great morning because I had the week in a snapshot in my head and we ready to take on the week.

Monday night we had an amazing experience.  Our church hosts 35 homeless people from the South Oakland Homeless Shelter every year for a week.  We provide the food for 3 meals a day.  They sleep at the our parish and we provide everything they need.  Our parish volunteers to take the people to their jobs, schools or to the shelters during the day and they all come back in the evenings.  We decided to take on the dinner for Monday evening.  I grabbed 4 other families from our parish and we got together to make a taco night with all the fixings.  The mom's made the food but the kids all served the dinner, helped clean up and then entertained the kids for the evening.  It was so enjoyable for all of us and definitely something we will do again in the future.

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