Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rants and Topics about Twins, Triplets and A Single!

It is easy.  It is simple..It is all about whether or not you have done it before.

The other morning at 6:30am as I was driving away from the school, after dropping off Eamon and Liam  for their school trip to Cedar Point I couldn't help but think.  I just left my boys and they will have to fend for themselves for 14 hours.  They will have supervision and they will have adults around but they are really out of my reach.

I would not consider myself a helicopter parent by any means but here we are.  They are my oldest and I haven't done this before.  I am a new mom with the experiences of 13 year old boys.  I have done this before and that was my "ah ha" moment.  By the time the triplets come thru I will be an expert and I will be very relaxed and probably not even think twice about the fact that they are getting on a grey hound bus, traveling several hours away, riding rides and doing what 13 year old boys do (uhhgg that is the part that makes me nervous).  Manners will be thrown out the window, anyone for a burp at lunch?  I can only imagine how they loud they will be. I bet they will run thru crowds and maybe even cut in lines. (uhhhggggg....)  They will surely eat every kind of junk food (as I would if my mom was gone) and hopefully not vomit while being tossed and turned on the rides.  They will come home with nasty sunburns and dirty hands (because no one told them all day to wash those dirty paws and no one was reminding them to put the sunblock on). That is ok with me because I am ready to let them venture out and maybe even screw up.   Men are not created over night and we all know that men need to be reminded..over and over...did I say over and over again?? Ok well lets not get hung up on that little tangent.  That can be its very own little entry on another day.

Any school events or trips that come up with Mairin or the triplets I am very good with.  There is an immediate sense of familiarity and it is easy to let go.  The triplets stand outside for the bus without me.  I don't think the twins ever did that in kindergarten.  Eamon and Liam are paving the way for their little siblings.  I say paving because they are doing a great job.  I am so glad that the triplets are not the roll models here.  It was just last night when I heard slamming of doors downstairs.  I hear David come up the stairs with complete frustration. "The triplets left the sliding door wide open downstairs".  We all left the house at 5pm for baseball and this was 10pm. Yep that was 5 hours for bugs and animals to be invited in to play.  Davids comment was, "why do the triplets do this stuff?  The twins never did any of this". We talked about what to do as a punishment or more of a way to make them remember to shut the doors.  We laughed together when David suggested this one, "Let's go wake them up and make them sleep in the basement and tell them that they must find the raccoon and the woodchuck before they can come back up".  David laughed and immediately said, "we can't do that, that is borderline child abuse".  We decided that we need to make a statement so we went into their room, woke them up and firmly asked who did it.  Colin came forward admitting to leaving the door open and they received their harsh talking to.  The next morning they came down all dressed and ready for school and David handed them each a mini hockey stick.  He said, "boys I want you to go downstairs and check and make sure there are no animals down there".  "If you find any you can protect yourself with the hockey sticks". "Go on .....get down there and don't come back until you are sure there are no animals down there.".  This was a much better way to make a point.  They looked at us very serious and off they went.  It was like they were on  a hunt for a bear.  They came back and said all clear.  We had another talk about the importance of closing the doors and if this happens again I may seriously lose my mind.

I often shy away from those new moms at school.  Those are the mom's that are enjoying the first moments of their new little bundles of joy.  Their bundle can do no wrong and they are just happy to be with those little bundles 24/7. (I remember those days...well kind of) My bundles are no longer new and although I love each and every one of them I can tell you that they are not always bundles of joy. They can be terrors and they can be house destroyers.  They can ruin something or break something in a matter of moments.  They track in on my carpet, they vomit down the sides of their bunk beds.  They leave dirty clothes stuffed under the couches and they leave rings of dirt around the sink. They shower and leave the washcloth waded up in a tight ball of wetness in the corner of the shower.  The towel is not far away and is never hung up.    They drop half of what they eat on the floor and even though I continue to move them closer to the table it still manages to be smeared on the chair or dropped on the floor and maybe even stepped on and mushed into the rug.  I have mostly boys so we can revert back to my previous comments that men are not created over night.  They need to be reminded over and over again.

I walked my husband out the door this morning and it is funny because he turned to me and said, "I'm off to break rocks for the man."  I laughed and then he said, "Remember these are the best years of our lives..right now". He has a point.  We may be in the trenches of busy and crazy but someday they will all be gone. So here's to crazy!