Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Twins, Triplets and A Single!!!!

His exact words to me were, "I didn't ask you to sign me up for baseball".  Finn is willing to finish out the season but it appears that he will not be our future MLB player.  This is the triplets 2nd year of baseball and I have 2 that want to continue and 1 that would rather build Lego's.  Finn has been a good sport despite his request to not play anymore.  He will attend all of the games for the rest of the season but there usually is a conversation as to why I signed him up.  The kid cracks me up because his questions often make me think he is much older than he is and a very deep thinker.   This is the kids who will challenge me in the future.  (left to right Colin, Declan, Finn)

We finished up hockey and ended up joining yet another hockey team for fall.  We are very excited about being closer to home and being part of the 2002 Birmingham Rangers.  Liam is playing baseball and is finishing up his season.  His team is playing in the championship game on Saturday.  Eamon is enjoying his chill time in between sports and he will be starting his summer activities soon.  And then there is Mairin.

 Mairin spends her entire year waiting in anticipation for summer swimming.  She just loves swimming for her coach, Dave and loves all of the meets and parties.  This past Saturday we had just gotten home from Liam's baseball game when Mairin hopped off the edge of the hearth by the fireplace. She immediately went down to the ground and began crying.  She had rolled her foot and it was clear we were going to the Emergency Room.  She ended up breaking the bone in the right foot on the outside edge.  We had a cast put on yesterday and although her spirits are pretty good she will more than likely miss out on most if not all of summer swimming.  The cast is on for 4 weeks and then possibly another 2 weeks in a boot.  Unfortunately swim ends the end of July so we will see.    How did we go 13 years without any broken bones?  How did the 1st broken bone end up on my only girl?  (please notice that we had to go get the sharpies in coordinating colors). "look mom they fit on my cast so I don't have to carry them".  David and I are both in aww over her ability to just take it in stride and move on.  She is very matter of fact and has completely accepted the fact that there will not be any water this summer.  (oh goodness...It makes me kind of shutter at the thought myself.  We spend nearly everyday near some sort of water...god will give me the strength to make it thru this summer..LOL)

School is officially out on Friday and at that point I become the crazy summer mom of 6.  I will fill up my house with junk food, artificial flavors and colors, dangerous toys and let all 6 be unsupervised for the majority of the summer.  I will make them work and clean more than they will play.  We won't open a book until the week before school starts and only for the sheer panic that someone may find out that we did not read all summer.  The kids will go without showering or bathing for most the summer because the pool and the lake is good enough..right?  I could go on and on but I will stop because you all know I am kidding right...well maybe.....

We finally got a boat slip and we are enjoying getting our pontoon all ready and loaded for a fun summer on the water.  Cheers to the beginning of summer.

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