Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sun Kissed and Water Logged!

Well here we are..Diving into the second week of July and we are still dodging rainy days and attempting to really come to grips that this is summer.  It is not nearly as hot and sunny as past summers have been but the rainy evenings often afford us the cancelling of events and a home cooked meal which does not happen often in the summer.

I am having a great summer.  This is the first summer where I feel like the kids are easy to pick up and go.  Everyone knows the rules, there are minimum things to pack, everyone can pack themselves and I am merely a warm body that makes sure the sunblock has been applied and that not too much junk food is consumed.  Outside of that I am having my play dates along with the kids.  The kids are sun kissed and water logged.   I have 2 kids on ear drops for swimmers ear.  We have a cut up bottom of the foot from Declan who decided not to wear shoes and go exploring in the woods.  He came out of the woods with a trail of blood from his foot which was ripped open by lord knows what.  Mairin got her cast off and is sporting a hop and a boot but she is back in the water.  Colin is swimming so fast and loving the swim team.  Finn...well Finn would rather not swim.  Finn has started taking videos of himself building legos and wants to start a You Tube channel.

We have used up a ton of sunscreen, washed way too many towels and have played a fair amount of tennis matches.  The golf clubs are getting use by Eamon, Liam and David and the amount of laps in the pool...I have lost track.  I live out of a bag that includes, goggles, extra swim suit and set of clothes and a few towels.  We can go from place to place with these few essentials.  We have added 3 fishing poles and a tackle box as permanent fixtures to the back of the vehicle for the triplets and Eamon and Liam are experiencing boating/tubing with several of their friends.  There is no arguing or even negotiating at bedtime.  They almost smile when I say, "time for bed".  Minimal electronics are being used this summer and I am great with that.

Mondays are my catch up day.  I did 6 loads of laundry yesterday, folded and had all kids put away. I hit the grocery stores and run my errands.  The kids get their big list of "to do" on Mondays and there are rarely play dates on this great day.   It is the only day of the week when we are all home and I can pay bills, and really catch up with the pile that accumulates all week long.

David has made the older ones set their summer goals and he is following thru with them by giving the boys topics to write about and checking them weekly.  Mairin is reading her battle books and David is reading along with her.  I work with the trips on reading and some math but I could do more.

I am spending lots of time on Pinterest preparing for our trip that is coming soon.  I will be blogging extensively on this trip but ramping up for it.  We are taking all 8 of us..... out west...... for 3 weeks..... in a pop up camper! Yep I know .... None of your responses will surprise me because I have already heard them all.

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