Saturday, August 22, 2015

8 Motts and A Pop-Up..Overview of first 5 days.

I am writing to you on  Tuesday August 18 and we are 6 days into our trip.  Internet connections are tough.  The trip has been exciting...frustrating at times but for the most part enjoyable. 

Camping is a lot of work and if u can get into the groove of that than it seems to be ok. 
Showering is overrated and pit toilets are not too bad.  David finally gave in and thanked me for the air conditioning unit in this  camper when we rolled into the badlands with a temp of 104.  Oh and we had a reservation with electrical hookup... Otherwise sold out for the night.  (David never thought we really needed reservations.  He said there are always cancellations.) I went ahead and booked us through Yellowstone.

We have logged 1,621 miles as of 8/18 when I am sending this. We r entering Wyoming and will be in Cody by this evening.  We left at 6am on Wed Aug 12 and thus far have eaten out 3 times. We still have coolers full of goods and have enjoyed the Coleman stove.  The family is feasting on pancake and egg breakfasts and we are digging our coffee pot ...thank you Sally and Mike.  Campfires are a must but I must say that we are usually wiped out at night so there are no night owls here.  Badlands fun and could have stayed there and climbed for days.  Mt Rushmore great and crazy horse a site to see. Finn wanted to visit a cave so we went to Wind Cave National Park and took a 1.5 hour walking cave tour.  We ended the evening with a swim in the hot hot springs South Dakota. This place was literally a community pool where the hot springs fed the pool.  My husband hates community water so the only reason he joined in was because he read that the water was completely drained and replenished by the natural underground hot springs every 90 minutes.  
The kids are awesome. They have done great in the car and by nightfall we r all tired. Minimal fighting and lots of learning.  We all have amazing bladders because everyone can hold for at least 4 hours at a time.  Thank goodness for David.  He spends so much of his time teaching all of us about the history of what we are seeing and why things are the way they are.  We have had many conversations about the Continental Divide, Pirates, what is piracy and why there were limited trees in eastern Wyoming.  Finn especially wanted all of the details about bears and what happens if they want to eat you.  The land out here is vast and the population seems so spread out.   We drive for hours and sometimes see nothing but nature.  The temperature swings I was not prepared for.  It gets nasty cold at night but it can get sweltering in the day.  
We have all figured out our jobs for the trip and when we make camp we have been asked by watchers of we are experts because everyone has their job once we pull into our site. David, Eamon and Liam set up the camper. I usually start a fire, Declan gets water,  Mairin usually checks out the bathrooms and takes Colin and Finn with her to explore.. The boys are a tremendous help and by the end of this trip they will be able to pop it up and put it down on their own.  


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