Friday, August 28, 2015

Chapter 1 The Details - 8 Motts and A Pop Up

I never knew how many channels there were on Sirius Radio.  I let my subscription run out and waited until they contacted me over and over and offered me the deal of the century to come back.  I knew that this trip was coming and when you are ticking 4,000 miles in a small enclosed area……You might want to spring for Sirius Radio.  I put the triplets in the far back with a double DVD player and gave them a big sleeve of videos and told them to have at it.  The second row encased the older 3.  I got my laptop loaded with some movies and got a splitter for the headsets so at least 2 could watch a movie in the second row.  I went on Amazon and made sure everyone had a head set.  I turned the radio to the front and it was like we had a house within our car.  The trips were in the basement, the older 3 were in the family room and mom and dad were sitting in the living room having coffee.  Well maybe not quite that perfect.

My job is the food and ever since this morning at 6:30am when I was loading the coolers in the camper and all I heard was, “this is too many coolers”. I am praying that I can prove someone wrong and we can consume this food before it goes bad.  I have 2 full size coolers (normal size but not those gigantic …enough to hold beer for 200 people size) and a little one for drinks.  I have one that is for frozen items, mostly meat and the other is cheese, condiments, sandwich stuff, eggs and milk.  I thought I was doing well since 8 people are eating out of these coolers. 

The trips did exceptional today.  David made it clear that the word “stop” was not allowed on the trip.  It was funny to hear everyone come up with different ways to stop one another from doing something they didn’t like.  Eamon had the best one, “Declan can you please refrain from kicking the back of my seat or I may have to get father involved”.  We all laughed and enjoyed Eamon taking it to the next level.  Back to the triplets.  They sat in the back of the Expedition all next to each other and did amazing.  We got into the car at 7:30am and we stopped 3 times all day.  We arrived at 5pm at our campsite in Northwest Illinois along the Mississippi River and there were no moments when any of us thought we might lose our minds.  I actually know why this happens.  They wait until you are far enough from home so you really can’t threaten to turn the car around and go home.  I’m sure tomorrow will be a completely different story but let’s hope for the best.  Time for smores.  Peace out.

It is now day 9 and we are all speaking.  We have done so many things and I feel like I may forget.  Cody Wyoming was a hit.  We were able to roll in early enough to set up camp and get over to the longest lasting nightly rodeo in the country.  The wind was whipping as we pulled into the campsite and I really thought the camper might tip over with the gale force winds and rain that we experienced.  We almost bailed on the rodeo but the skies cleared up just enough for us to feel like we could venture out.  By the time the rodeo ended it was in the low 40’s and we were all freezing.  Everyone slept in everything they had ….a sweatshirt and long pants.  It was a very cold night for all of us.  I made sure and tucked everyone in to ensure everyone was deep in their sleeping bags. 

We left Cody in the morning and made it to the road to The Badlands.  Before we entered The Badlands we were able to see the Decommissioned Minute Man 2 Missile.  That was very mind blowing and very cool to be able to see. 
The Badlands of South Dakota were our next stop.  The approach to the Badlands is very desolate and eerie.  It is not until you enter the National Park that you get a feel of what you are about to see.  David explained it very well to the kids.  The Native Americans explained to the early explorers that these were just badlands and to avoid them.  It was miles and miles of badlands.  The kids loved every minute of the climbing.  They didn't care that it was nearly 104 degrees.  They just wanted to climb.  It was cool that the National Park allowed you to climb anything you wanted.  Imagine camping in the Badlands.  Yep it was liking setting up camp in a dust bowl.  Not much too it but glad we had electricity and glad we had air conditioning that evening.

The next trek was to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.  It was definately a site to see and we enjoyed a couple days there and we camped in the Black Hills.  The campsite was at the edge of a a mountain and the kids climbed and climbed and climbed.   Crazy Horse will take another lifetime to complete so we told the kids that when they bring their kids back it should be much closer to completion.

 Right above my head you can see the sculpture of a face.  That is the beginning of the crazy horse carving.

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