Monday, August 10, 2015

Packing and Prepping for 8

School supplies purchased, early registration for school done by appointment and the last run to the store complete.  We are approaching the trip of the century for the Mott Clan and the packing is nearly complete.  Yes I have the zip lock bags, the duck tape (we may need it), clothes line, extension cord and a stock of batteries.  I have decided that the longer you plan for a trip like this the more prepared you are and the more tired of packing you get.  I am ready to get into the vehicle and get this trip started.

I have enough food packed to take us for quite awhile.  I cooked up a bunch of taco meat, ground beef and chicken yesterday and froze it all.  It will be nice to be able to pull out a meal and cook over the fire while traveling long days.  We have lots of snacks and lots of drinks to keep everyone going. Pinterest  provided me lots of direction in deciding what kind of meals I will be preparing.  Lots of mexican, pancakes and eggs, poor pies, hobo dinners and typical grilling goods.

Everyone gets a backpack and in that backpack you can put 2 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of socks, flip flops (a must for public showers) a clean shirt, clean shorts and a swim suit.  The rest of the backpack is open for activities.  Don't forget your summer homework packets thta are not done and some books for our long days in the car.  I checked thru the bags and of course had to repack or shall I say, make suggestions for the triplets.  Declan had a bike helmet in his bag.  "Declan why did you pack a bike helmet"?  He responds with, "I don't know we are camping. Won't I need one"?  Finn's bag was busting at the seams and he had a big ole stuffed animal.  Nope..Nope..Nope..People let's be clear, we have 6 backpacks and although I said pack them..pack them lightly.

I pulled out the old lunch bags and made ditty bags for the groups.  Trips get a lunch box full of face wipes, toothbrush, paste, bar of soap, some shampoo and a couple wash cloths.  I bet their bar of soap will be full of dirt and sand by the first night when they drop it on the way to the bathroom.  Eamon and Liam and David will share and then Mairin and I get our own bag.  Life is good only having another girl in the family.

I feel so grateful to have my friend Sally and Mike. They are  a camping family and they have bins that sit full of all the camping gear. They were  gracious enough to let me come over and take whatever I needed.  I took it all.  I am completely stocked and mostly because of them.  I have a coleman stove, a hatchet (would not have thought of that) and a coleman camp light along with many other items.  Did I mention that they live like 3 miles away.  The amount of time and money this loan provided is priceless.  I hope to find a needless, overpriced trinket to bring back to them as a token of my sincere appreciation.

On Sunday David started organizing the garage and as much as I cringe at the thought of him going thru our/MY pantry and organizing stuff it was a great success.  He promised to stay calm and said he wouldn't get upset with all the stuff we/I have.  Ok Ok so he found 3 large commercial size containers of plastic silverware and said we have enough zip lock bags to last us until the triplets enter college but I guess I had some stuff stuffed in the back and didn't realize. Opps!!! I get this from my mom.  She always had lots of backup just in case.  I have to say that with hosting beach gatherings all summer and hosting a big Halloween Party and a very large Thanksgiving ...we will use all of the silverware.  Oh and he also asked why I had 300 individual packs of goldfish in a case.  (yah yah yah I get it....)David kept going and 8 hours later he had repaired all shelves in the garage..swept it all out, had the boys put together solar lights and we cleaned screens and did all the stuff that you often put off.  Eamon and Liam were right by his side for the entire day and it was a sort of family affair.  Not only are we ready for our vacation but the garage is ready for the annual Halloween Party!

Stay Tuned...We are getting close.

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