Sunday, November 22, 2015

What Do I Do All Day

I ask myself this question often.  I remember the words of mothers who walked before me in the beauty of all day school for their children and they would always say, "the day is not as long as you think it is".  I never could wrap my brain around how 8:15am -4pm was not that long. I spent 12 years with kids at home.  Mondays were hard because it started another week of ...what will we do this week.  I did enjoy all of the road trips to the zoo, parks and movies.  I have spent endless hours having tea parties and picking up little pieces of play dough out of my carpet and rugs.  I miss the play lands that we would frequent in hopes of tiring out the kids so they could take a good nap that day.  A play date?...that rare occasion they would get invited over (not often because who invites 3 boys one) and I would wonder what I would do with my 90 min of freedom.  The anticipation of the free time was better than the actual 90 min because I would catch myself daydreaming of what I could possibly do for that precious time.  I would dream about hitting a craft place or a market and just slowly browse.  The reality was a quick trip to Costco.

Back to what do you do all day.  The days go fast and they are just busy.  As of lately I am slowly updating my home from all of the damage of having kids home all day..everyday destroying  my world.  We are slowly replacing all of the shoe molding that was taken off the walls and broken at nap times.  I am repairing window sills from the holes that were poked in them with the door stopper that was unscrewed during another nap time.  I walk around the house with my drywall mud and I repair the divots and holes in my walls.  Someone was trying to play hockey in the hallway and missed the ball..caught the wall though.  Lots of painting and scrapping of dried buggers that were wiped along the wall.  The trim needs new white paint because of all of the spilled stuff on them and how badly they are beat up.  It is truly amazing at how badly stuff gets torn up with 8 people living in a home.  Some new carpet to rid ourselves of the vomit stains that have accumulated over the years.  We even added some hardwood in the upstairs because lets be honest...the vomit is not over and hardwood hallways is much easier to clean up at 3am.

The early years are somewhat of a fog so I am going through closets and sorting and boxing clothes.  This is a full time job within itself.  I just went into the triplets room and pulled out their jeans that were stuffed in their closet.  I made a pile of 6 pairs of hole ridden, faded, dirty jeans to be thrown out.  I shutter for a moment to think "did I let them go to school with these on".  I proceed onward, deeper in the closet to find a pile of clothes that I forgot about and are now too small.  I am notorious for stuffing things in places (and forgetting where I put them) because the right box is not accessible or I don't have the time at that moment.  Time to put away the shorts and t shirts and get out the warm clothes and this is tough because now I need to unload boxes in order to refill them.  My home has boxes of clothes stuffed all over.  My older boys are in a size 16 and I am searching for the boxes marked size 7.  These boxes have been put away for quite sometime and often they need to be washed before they are ready for use again.  I digress......

The hampers always seem to be full and the main floor always seem to have pieces of clothing or items that need to go upstairs.  The kitchen is in constant need of sweeping and something is always in need of repair.  The older boys had a bar mitzvah the other night to attend and they arrive home with suit coats minus the buttons.  How do you lose buttons in that short of time?  "I don't know mom, we were just hanging out and a friend grabbed my jacket and it fell off".

Oh shoot I forgot I still need to make the 2 dozen treats for the 8th grade bake sale tomorrow morning.  Oh bummer..Need to ask David if he can take boys and Mairin to school tomorrow and get in line early to turn in the ski club form..first come first serve.  Thanksgiving is approaching and I need to gather the supplies for the craft.  I really need to get that new carpet cleaner out of the box and get the basement carpet cleaned this week.  Oh I almost forgot that peanut oil is on sale this week at Gordons..must get for the turkey fryer.  My appointment is today to get my ipad looked at and I almost forget that I need to be at the elementary school at 2 to volunteer for the book fair.  Oh and lets find some time in there for me to grab some more milk..we are out. Dinner?  yep that slipped my mind....Oh and lets take a look at my calendar...Let's round out the evening with a hockey game.  Clearly I have stuff to do.  I must go.

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