Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Month Of Christmas with Twins Triplets and A Single

The weather is cold.  The days are shorter and Christmas is over.  The decorations are put away and the last of the sweets in the house are being slowly eaten.  I think I have seen enough sugar to last me awhile.  The last of the glitter and pieces of tinsel are being vacummed up.  My house is free from any signs of Christmas, except for the bar counter that is full of the remote controls for the drones, cars and helicopters.  Oh and there are still some lego villages set up around the house.

The kids are back to school and I am caught up on laundry and returns.  Now what? I ask myself.  I am at a very organized and peaceful place and I am asking myself  Now what?  I am a product of my surroundings and my environment.  A product of the crazy schedule of life.

Instead of "Now What".  Let's spend a minute reliving Christmas 2015.  It was a good season and although I often worry about the amount of "stuff" that comes with the holiday season I think we did well overall with not going too crazy.  The triplets turned 7 on December 17th and we surprised them with a birthday party at the local middle school gym.  We enjoyed floor hockey, flag football and soccer for 2hrs and of course some pizza and cake to check the box and move on.  I promise my kids a party every 5 years and I kind of skipped the triplets until this year.  I had a lot of anxiety about inviting kids to a party for 3 kids.  That is a lot to ask for people who are so generous these days to think they have to bring 3 gifts.  I struggled with this for a couple years on how to handle it.  I decided that I would let each triplet invite 6 friends and I did 3 different invitations.  The invitation only invited you to a single child birthday.  It really worked out marvelous.  We had close to 20 kids and each of the triplets came home and were able to open 6 presents.  We are so blessed that we really didn't need 20 presents for each kid and I think it took a burden off the parents too.  We did receive a couple of gifts for all 3 boys from really good friends and we were flattered by everyone's generosity and thoughtfulness.

I spent the month of November doing a ton of research on the latest and greatest holiday craze...The Hoverboard, Swagway, Self Balancing Scooter and all the other names that these things are referred to.  I ended up purchasing one from Amazon because it was distributed in the U.S and the warranty reviews were great.  I got it and took it up to my bedroom and rode it around secretly while the kids were at school.  It was awesome.  I describe it like it reads your mind.  You want to turn and it turns and it is all based a slight slight movement.  It was going to be the triplets gift of the year right??? Wrong.. It wasn't even a week after delivery when the news reports were showing houses and apartments being burned down due to these boards catching fire.  I ignored it for awhile until everyone was talking about it and then I went online and read the reports.  I read enough to start the return process.  It was the first time that I felt the sinking feeling of wanting a gift for the kids but also thinking about all of us sleeping and the possibility...even very slight ....of losing a child or anyone due to a house fire.  Amazon pulled the Swagway's off their website and were no longer even selling them so I knew I had to proceed.  Amazon exceeded every expectation I had.  They paid for return shipping and helped me get in touch with the actual seller of the Swagway.  Swagway took it back and refunded me.  I did keep the board until Christmas and let the triplets ride it in the basement for a couple hours before we packaged it up and sent it back.  It was a huge bummer but I am proud to say that I had 3 little guys who understood and accepted the explanation for the return and were good with it.

The family enjoyed 3 days up north at my parents house and we were able to break in the new addition.  My mom and dad added a 3 car garage to their home with a large living quarters above that sleeps 10.  This is our new B&B when we go to Stanton.  It is pretty sweet and very nicely done.  We all enjoyed a solid 2 weeks of together time.  David had the full 2 weeks off as well so we did some open skates, took a family trip to Frankenmuth for some winner winner chicken dinners.  The kids all spent some Christmas money buying shoes at the Nike store and we were home in time for a Netflix movie.  We attempted to see the Wayne County Light Fest but the line was crazy long.  We saw many movies at home and ventured out to the new Chipmunks movie one afternoon.  I made everyone go through closets and clean them out after watching David do the deepest closet clean out I have ever witnessed.  We had the Mott family Christmas which is always a huge hit and ate and ate and ate.  This was the first year in a long time that the pond was not frozen so it forced us to do some other things that normally we would not do.  This past Monday was rough.  Getting up early and getting everyone back on schedule has taken us most of this week to catch up.  


JEN said...

Happy New Year! Every year I want to do the Wayne County Lightfest, and every year I just never make it....

jennifer anderson said...

you are never lonely at your house! Or bored either! Sounds like a nice holiday.

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